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The news


  • Ivan (capiscuas) has successfully fixed Pootle's Activation Page. We're still not exactly sure what stopped it from working, but the issues is now bypassed and new translation & proofreading volunteers should be directed to that page instead of sending their info to the admin.

I'll also take this opportunity to mention that once people are registered, there is no longer any need for them to go to that Joomla page. Instead, use Pootle's Main Page to log in and use the program. This will bypass the top Joomla component altogether.


  • The Linguistic Team Wiki is currently undergoing a much needed facelift. We hope the results make it much easier for you to find exactly what you need.


  • Pootle's Activation page is currently experiencing a problem recognizing ZM members. We are working to track down the cause. Until this is fixed, anyone looking to create an account in Pootle should [contact Ray] directly to request being added. Be sure to include your exact ZM username, as well as your language & project selections. A temporary password will be provided and, if desired, you can change that once you log in.


  • We are currently seeking official Language Coordinators for each language currently represented throughout the movement. These are the people that most others already go to when they need translation or proofreading advice, assistance in locating items, putting together a team to work on a specific items, etc.. If you are this person for your language, or you believe you know who is, please contact [Ray] for more information.




  • The import of 52 subtitles for our movies (Orientation Presentation, Addendum, Future by Design) from dotSUB has been completed. Please review these translations for accuracy.
  • We are currently in the process of organizing a team of native English transcribers and proofreaders to help with the very important task of ensuring the integrity of the original materials before they enter the translation system. Please contact [Gman] if you would like to help.

This is a listing of dedicated projects focusing on various Linguistic Team efforts. The list is not necessarily complete, so please add additional projects as they are discovered.

Project Team Short Description Team's Primary Discussion location Team's Primary Work location (if applicable) Team Wiki Description Output Location
Pootle Translation Projects The In-house ZM Translation system IRC (after entering, type /join #ZM-Translators) or click here if using a 3rd party IRC client. Individual Language Coordinators may set up additional team communication options Pootle's Main page Pootle Help Wiki Pootle Projects (in various stages of completion)
dotSUB Translation Projects Various dotSUB Translation teams IRC (after entering, type /join #ZM-Translators) or click here if using a 3rd party IRC client. Individual Language Coordinators may set up additional team communication options TZMOfficial 'working' locations TBA Official ZM Video Repository
Radio Address Translation Project Translations of Peter's Radio Address shows IRC (after entering, type /join #ZM-Translators) or click here if using a 3rd party IRC client. Individual Language Coordinators may set up additional team communication options Radio Address Wiki Repository RA Transcription Team Wiki Radio Address Wiki Repository (in sub-pages)
Other Audio-Only Translation Projects Various "Audio Only" Translation Teams TBA TBA TBA TBA

Pootle Projects List



Web Sites: (menus, articles, forum descriptions)


  • Bi-Weekly Radio Address (in the pipeline)

New projects requests HERE

Map of the Translation Project

Translation Project
This page. It links to many additional related pages and is used to inform everyone of important changes.
Pootle Application
Direct access to the Pootle software, which makes translating very easy.
Information about translators' statuses. Check your own current privileges and find others to cooperate.
File:Map of Translation Project.png
An article (including a video tutorial) explaining how to work within the Pootle system.
Pootle development
A page outlining goals and objectives for further development.
If you are unable to get support from your Language Coordinator (or one does not yet exist for your language), The Linguistic Team section of the forum is a good place to create a new thread to request help with Pootle.

The Project Cycle

Various source files enter the system automatically, either sent in by users or prepared by a team of subscribers. Instructions explaining how to deliver source files will be added soon.

Several formats may be imported, including: TXT, CSV, HTML, Open Documents Formats. Unfortunately, PDF imports are not supported because the proper layout cannot be preserved. Proprietary formats (such as M$ Window$' formats) usually don't work and users have to convert them manually before import (following a specific set of rules).

File:Translation Project Workflow.png

Translation Process

1. Translation 2. Proof-read 3. Correction 4. Publication

File:PMS Translation Project Diagram.png

How to add a new language

To add a new language to various areas of the site, please post your request to the Linguistic Team Forum. Depending on what is being requested, some additional information may be required for our applications. Please refer to the instructions below for more info on this. Joomla

No additional info is needed to request an additional language for the TZM or TVP websites. You only need to request that the language be added. Wiki

Currently, the following languages are available in Linguistic Team Wiki: Template:ListOfConfiguredLanguages To create a separate, translated version of a page in our wiki (in a language other than English), click on 'Edit' in the menu at the top of the page to enter the page editor and then select the language you wish to use from the abbreviations at the top of the next page. Translate the page content into your chosen language and be sure to click the 'Save Page' button at the bottom when you're done. The wiki will automatically add & link the page to the English version and also provide references to them when multiple languages are available. For example, if the English version is called Main Page, the French version will become Main Page/fr and the Spanish version will become Main Page/es.

If you're unable to complete the task, contact us for assistance. Pootle

To add a new language to Pootle, you will need to supply some extra info:

  • ISO Code Example for Afrikaans: af
  • Full Name Example for es: Spanish; Castilian
  • Special Chars Example: ëïêôûáéíóúý
  • Number of Plurals Example for Arabic: 6
  • Plural Equation Example for Bengali: (n != 1) Example for Lithuanian: (n%10==1 && n%100!=11 ? 0 : n%10>=2 && (n%100<10 || n%100>=20) ? 1 : 2)

List of plural equations | Language codes: ISO 639-1, ISO 639-2

When you post such a request, please remain available to provide these details, just in case we don't have them in our database. You can do this by simply subscribing to the post you create.

Additional Language Resources

Language Codes

List of ISO 639-1 codes

List of ISO 639-2 codes

List of ISO 3166-1 Country codes

Specific information on languages

All translated and fully proofread resources will be made available within the global ZM Repository as soon as the upcoming Linguistic Team website is launched. If you are aware of additional completed resources, please add them here. Languages (Please keep this list in alphabetical order)Croatian (Hrvatski):Czech:Dutch (Nederlands):Finnish (Suomi):French (Français):German (Deutsch):Italian (Italiano):Japanese (日本語)
  • Main site and the wiki site translation project (thezeitgeistmovement.com及びザイトガイスト・ウィキの翻訳 現在進行形)
  • subtitle for the two zeitgeist movies (ザイトガイストの映画の字幕の翻訳 翻訳は終わったが、それのチェックが不可欠)
  • Translation of the document activist and orientation guide and subtitling for the activist and orientation video (ザイトガイスト運動への序論の翻訳・ザイトガイスト運動への序論ビデオの字幕翻訳)
Portuguese (Português):Russian (Русский)Slovak (Slovenčina):Slovenian (Slovenščina):Spanish (Español):Swedish (Svenska):Multi-Language Test page for text entry examples

Translation Project Migration todo list:

  • add easy access to RSS which will allow us to track Translation Project updates Yes
  • describe the new translation process No
  • publish a list of translators and mark their roles in the project Yes
  • list all important links (about pootle development, pootle help, main page for translators, instructions, tutorials) Yes
  • Link the projects directly to Pootle Yes
  • add information about the repository and access instructions for already completed translations No
  • add section for news Yes
  • improve the information how to join the project No
  • add tutorial to Pootle No
  • create a guide on what to do after a translation is completed (PDF and HTML page generation) No

Translating Fundamentals

I (whomever added this section) have been a professional translator, and also ran a team of translators for a few years. There is some important concepts that all translators should become familiar with, which resolve many translation problems.

  • The definition of translation is actually the same as communication, but with an intermediary language or symbol system. This is often illustrated rather than explained. However, I don't have a way to upload an image, so I will describe the image:
    • The speaker has an idea
    • He verbalizes or writes a word (or words) intended to produce that same idea in the mind of the ultimate listener
    • the translator uses a word (or words) in the other language, which when received by the intended receiver/listener, produces the same image in the mind. It is a duplication of ideas.
  • This is just common sense, but it is well that translator keep that concept present whenever translating. Why?
  • Because someone without experience in translating, has a tendency to want to be accurate with the conversion of words from one language to the other. This is often referred to as 'literal translation." The translator, on the other hand, should be focusing on gathering the words that produce the same IDEA.
  • Often, there are words in one language that don't have an exact equivalent in the other language. The safest and best thing to do here is to use the foreign language word (phonetically, if the other language has different written characters), and immediately following, in parenthesis, gives a description and meaning of the newly coined word (using the sounds in the foreign language.) This is done only once in the material in question, i.e.: book, or article.
  • For any language, this word is added to a glossary of technical and special term. This is available to readers, and other translator.
  • There are times two translators may differ in understanding and interpretation. In this case, the translator coming across the same word in later text, may use a different word, such as one in the language he is translating into. This Should also have a parenthetical description, and there should be a parenthetical reference to the previous use. (Again, only once in the article.)
  • Readers of the translation should have access to a central to whom he can write whenever there is confusion in terminology; so as time goes on, the right words is achieve, and may become a 'final' when it's easily understood in the new language.

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