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Linguistic Team Questionnaire

Name Email Country First Language
- - - -
Languages spoken Languages read Languages translated Everyday Language
- - - -

  • Are you a current member of the Linguistic Team? (Y/N)

  • Have you previously been a member of the Linguistic Team? (Y/N)

  • Other than above, do you have any previous experience within translation projects? (Y/N)
    • If 'Yes', please elaborate

  • What type of focus would be your preference? More than one choice is permitted.
    1. Team Types:
      1. English Transcription
      2. English Proofreading
      3. Translation from English into another language
      4. Translation Proofreading
      5. Other (Technical Team, language team coordination, public relations, etc.)
    2. Media Types:
      1. Text-only (includes text file, PDF & website contents)
      2. Video subtitles
      3. Audio-only (includes audio blogs & lectures)

  • How many hours per week might you be able to provide for Linguistic Team activities?

  • Can you attend weekly/bi-weekly/monthly online meetings?

  • Do you require training in any of the following:
  1. Computer/internet
  2. Collaborative Teamwork
  3. The use of collaborative online Linguistic Team tools
    1. dotSUB
    2. Pootle
    3. Other, if known
  4. Proofreading approaches
  5. Other

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