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Emerging Structure

This top part is a cheat sheet for me to try and keep track/organize of all that I'm trying to juggle with this aspect. Please add any suggestions you wish to contribute to the bottom of the page.

See what Google & Yahoo APIs can do for us

  • Section is reserved for research results

Needed for Everyone

These are things that are very needed to allow all LTI members to fully understand the system and all that is going on at any given time. Solving this issue has been a long time coming and can't arrive fast enough.  :D

Forum Info

  • Fully explain the forum system as a means of seeing exactly what there is to be done and where those items are within the team (In Translation, In Proofreading, Completed)
  • Explain what needs to happen at the culmination of each milestone.
    • Introduced to team
      • Post is made in the Translation section showing the items and all relevant links (i.e. working location, notes)
      • If you are claiming, post to the thread that you are taking the initiative and will get it started (or join those who already have). coordinator then adds [Translating] to the end of the thread title.

Needed For Coordinators

LTI Video Dashboard Connection

  • Method to Pull new videos into the server in prep for addition to the system.
    • Provide access to server-side scripts to grab videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc. and deposit them on the LTI server.
      • Function should then add those videos to a list available to the admins, possibly with some automation to help in then putting them up in the Dashboard.
        • If possible, script can pump out boilerplate Announcements filled in with video-specific info to be Pasted into the LTI Forum
  • Method to place a given video into both Protected Mode & Full Lockdown
    • Full Lockdown must leave Coordinators with access to make emergency adjustments. Protected Mode already does this (coordinators are auto-members of Proofreading Teams)
  • Method for Copying completed SRTs over to Repository locations
    • Needs to tie into overall PMS database to gain access to 'working' <-> 'repository' relationship
    • Should also trigger administrative ToDo for uploading SRT to all relevant YouTube accounts
  • Method for adding members directly to their Proofreading Group
    • Provide a second Group for Coordinators to use however they choose (special assignments, Final Reviewers, etc.)

Pootle Management

LTI Transcribe

Linguistic Team Development Checklist

This is the place to add in any and all suggestions for improving the approaches listed above. Anyone interested in handling any of these is welcome to get involved.

  • Construct the Transcription Team page referenced above. Yes
  • Construct the Proofreading Team page referenced above. Yes
  • Construct the Technical Team page referenced above. Yes
  • Construct the Translation Proofreading Team page referenced above. No
  • Create a separate description page within wiki to better describe how the PiratePad method may be applied to more types of transcription teams. No - At Meeting
  • Create a new email group specifically for the use of the English Transcription & Proofreading Teams to promote universal communication between active members. Yes
  • Invite more members to make use of our IRC #ZM-Translators channel whenever non-universal questions or concerns come up. Yes - Continually in process
  • Ask who might be interested in testing various external options (such as YouTube's new subtitle timing tool) to see if they might serve a useful purpose for the Team's efforts. Many great tools exist, but we simply are not aware of all of them yet. No - At Meeting
  • Build a sample page showing how a Project management system might look. Yes - That page and its sub-pages are now temporarily serving that function
  • Adopt/Develop a comprehensive In/Out LingTeam Project Management System so that all members can see, at a glance, the status and sub-team working location of each project in one place. Yes - In process with the help of the Dev Team
  • Develop a Meeting section for recording results of each meeting. Yes
  • Create a guide on what to do after a translation is completed (PDF and HTML page generation). No
  • Import the Forum Descriptions into Pootle so that languages can translate them correctly. Many have already done the actual work long ago. No
  • Create a tutorial on how to move around within Pootle. How to proofread the work of others vs. how to bypass all finished work to get to the next part that needs attention. Yes - In process
  • Shorten the mind map into sections to make it more comprehensive, or into an interactive flash that could have sections brought up without changing browser windows. No
  • Add various "Audio Only" teams under each team in the Various Project Teams pagFore. Yes
  • Create the foundational structure for the Linguistic Dev Team

Items below are more current

  • Contact all Language Teams to learn all proofreader's dotSUB usernames for inclusion in dotSUB groups within the dashboard. These can then be used to create protected environments for those proofreaders to focus on their tasks within any and all video projects they confront.
  • Write out full description of how to use the ToDo feature within the forum for all coordinators.
  • Encourage the use of the Calendar within the forum.
  • Encourage each team to create a single Language Team YouTube & Facebook presence for non-English speakers to rally around. Add this suggestion in the Coordinator Resource Center.

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