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Welcome to the Global Developers Team Wiki. Take your time to review the contents of this page, which will lead you to all development topics.

New Users: Everything you need to know about getting involved as a developer can be found in the Getting Started tab, to which the section, "Other Entry Points' will link you.

Team Contact & GDT Activities Access

DevTeam email group: Primary Contact Info: Coordinators: Cluster and Gman. Submit question to Data Organizer.
Data Organization: Boldhawk— Nick Polimeni. For information that's missing in this wiki, and for guidance on where to find information about activities not already listed. Nick (aka Boldhawk). Email Nick.
Teamspeak: Meeting Rooms > Global Developers Team

GDT's Activities and Guidelines and Information location and Access

In an effort to consolidate, and organize the Global Developers Team, this Wiki page is essentially intended to be the “Portal” to all things developer's work, information, and activities. Everything 'global development' should start here. Since much has existed from the past, when the team was not yet global, information will be found in too many different places.

This is an attempt to bring that information here, and at least have a link to the places where it used to be, or is (when whatever had been set up is still workable).

Entry points: There is a main menu at the top of the page, which is located immediately below the personal user's menu (with: User_name, My talk, My preferences, My watchlist, My contributions, Log out). The main menu contains the following headings, and with only the Dev Team subheadings:

   * Main Page
   * Navigation          
   * Getting Started
   * Team Descriptions          
   * LingTeam Working Locations
   * Related Projects
   * Dev Team Resources
      o     Developer's Team Main Page
      o     About the Global Development Team
      o     Global Scope of Work
      o     Ongoing Projects
      o     Dev Team Members
      o     Developer Resources
      o     Recorded Meetings

The next entry point is what is called, “Navigation bar,” which is a template inserted at the beginning of every page, that helps go directly to areas most frequented:

Global Developers Team → About the Dev Team | Projects Documentation | Contributors | Resources | Scope of Work—Global | Meetings (edit)

Most of those menu or navigation items are for the user's convenience to locate areas and topics quickly.

There's yet another entry point menu, between the Main Menu (the darker strip) and the wiki menu; the first item of which menu is Development Team Resource.

Other Entry points

Other important entry points and Fundamental information:

DTT Testing | Other Fundamentals | News | Getting started | Team Charter | Team Communication Map | Software engineering and Design | FAQ

However, this page, as the Main Page can also be used as a kind of universal menu akin to a “Site Map” or “Table of Contents” which will eventually be the complete list for all top level, sub-level, and sub-sub-level topics one could think of trying to find, on the technical side.

Team Meetings

Scheduling Doodle Poll suggest the maximum attendance by at least 30% will take place on Sundays, 3:00 PM, UTC/GMT. So until further notice we'll try the new weekly schedule:

Teamspeak, Sunday 3:00 PM UTC/GMT

Using The Wiki

The title link gives you a quick get started to be able to participate; the next one, addresses the creation of pages for the Global Developers' Team: Creating New Pages; further details are given HERE for a crash cram course to get started right away, and last but not least, HERE for a more detail from beginner to near expert...

Areas of Work

At present the Global Development Team is engaged in either of two activities: Maintenance, as listed in the redmine Project management area here: Redmine ( ); or the Phoenix Project.

GDT Administration

Who's who, and who does what in the administrative side of GDT.

TZM Re-design—The Phoenix Project TZM 2.0

The Project began with the post in the International Forum, written by Cluster, the international Web Master System Administrator, and edited by Federico , asking the public for suggestions, and prescribing the form of presentation: Designing TZM Web Site

For a complete Project outline and details, which will be always updated, click on this sections' title Phoenix Project.

Global Developers TeamAbout the Dev Team | GDT Environment Foundation | TZM 2.0/Phoenix Project | Projects Documentation | Contributors | Resources | Meetings| Wiki Use Help (edit)