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Current Projects

Project Name Short Description Forum Wiki News / Announcements Source Links Contacts Stage
Linguistic Team Project Management System Project Management System first to aid the Linguistic Team effort, very likely then evolving to accommodate workflows of other teams and project. This is the first interteam project of the movement. Dev Team Forum Wiki Github Zuke, Cluster, Ray Development
Linguistic Team Modular Website Development of a highly interactive, intelligent, modular language team-centric website designed on top of the LT-PMS above first to aid the Linguistic Team effort, very likely then evolving to accommodate workflows of other teams and project. This will be a very challenging project for the team. Dev Team Forum Wiki Github??? LingTeam website location Zuke, Cluster, Ray Development
[Linguistic Team SRT Editor] A set of web-based tools for handling SRT (movie subtitles) files. Dev Team Forum Wiki News Source (Github) Diff tool, Timeshift tool, Refragment SRT georgyvlad (here), georgyvlad (ZM Dev Forum) Development complete, testing in progress
Zeitgeist Media Project The Zeitgeist Media Project serves as a repository for creative and academic multimedia related to the movement, contributed by movement members. Visual media, film, audio, music, multimedia and programming. Dev Team Forum Launchpad Launchpad Live Site Zuke Mature, ongoing development - Needs to be redone
Developers Team Portal A central location for information and organization for the Developers Team. The portal compliments the Wiki and goes beyond by providing a more dynamic and interactive platform for project coordination and intra- and inter-team coordination. Dev Team Forum Wiki Github nolochemical, Cluster Conceptual, seeking coordinator
From Earth To Venus A proof-of-concept prototype using Google Earth to depict how the world's resources could be analyzed and managed on a global scale. This visual interactive application serves as an educational mockup of what a functioning global resource management system might look like in a resource-based economy. Dev Team Forum Launchpad tanktop Conceptual, assembling project team
Extensible Profile System A protocol to handle a users extended profile ( teams/groups, public key for email comms., skillset, current projects,..? ) Dev Team Forum, Dev Team Forum Extended Profile System Proposal: xml-rpc based authentication nolochemical, Cluster Initiated-experimental
Project Catalog A database and interactive layer listing all projects of the Developers Team. Think of it as the interactive version of this Wiki page. Conceptual, seeking coordinator The main portal site for ZDay2010 events around the world. Launchpad Launchpad Live Site Zuke, Anya Mature
ZDay2010 Joomla Module An installable Joomla 1.5 module that enables site admins to show a current map of worldwide ZDay events. The map automatically updates every hour. Launchpad Source Code Download Joomla Module Zuke Mature
Elive Zeitgeist/Venus A special version of Elive for zetigest/venus related things, with a lot of things preconfigured for these needs, like a mumble or IRC preconfigured that automatically connects to the server, for more info see the page and/or the video Thanatermesis Completed versions and continued development

Other Interesting Projects

Project Name Short Description Links
IRC Real-time text communication for the movement Wiki IRC Client
Zeitgeist Resources Resource management software
Zeitgeist Traveler Travel solutions for zeitgeist movement members.
Zemerge Computing project of applying genetic algorithms and social simulations in order to find optimality in the mechanics of society
ZIRM Supporting ideas management and decisions making
ZM Transcribe Transcription software for movies and audio tracks
ZM Translation Project Pootle based platform for translations
Zmsocial Social networking for the zeitgeist movement communit
ZM Knowledge Base A structurized and searchable summary of all the Q&A from Peter's radio show and other pertinent questions
Zynergy Web Core Framework A language-agnostic website framework
TeamSpeak3 Recording Bot A teamspeak bot (demo here:here , admin/admin). It can record a TS3 meeting, compress it to MP3 and upload it automatically. If you have a 24h computer connected to the internet and can run a virtual machine let me know.