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Team members actively involved in development of ZM software

Team members not yet involved in development but ready to help

Username Programming languages and technologies How you want to help ZM Projects Tasks Availability Preferred form of Contact
lukas php, python, mysql, bash, css, x/html, xml, javascript, mediawiki I'm very much interested in complex problems which requires experience in science.,, maintenance, administration, development daily, very busy with projects, but ready to help IRC, jabber
Dns777 CSS, XHTML, HTML, IRC (C++, Perl, Python, TCL..) I'm interested in finding any technical solutions for the community, focused on communication platforms. IRC Server (+ Services and Eggdrop), Mumble,,, maintenance, organization, administration, development daily, very busy with projects, but ready to help IRC, mumble, jabber
WurmD C, C++, Java, MATlab, Portugal Chapter, Portuguese Translations, daily, but no consistency on the times email, MSN
nairboon C, C++, Objective-C, php, js, sql, html, css, AI (neural network), evolutionary computation, 3d I'd like to contribute in any interesting project zeitgeist idea management, swiss chapter daily IRC, jabber, mumble
tomeks java, c, php, js, jquery, mysql, mssql, html, css, actionscript/flash, jsp, coldfusion, evolutionary computation, simulations, AI (neural network), [learing Objective-C] Help out on projects with development plus continue to promote and grow the Zemerge project - and eventually implement it consultation, development, brainstorming mostly daily (sporadic) but ready to help email, MSN, ZMSocial, IRC
Kebap html and stuff help, brainstorm, develop, code, debug pms debug maybe daily irc, mail, icq,
Zuke PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, Actionscript, Joomla, Drupal Team organization and effort centralization. Web applications that connect people and projects. Connecting apps to apps towards a seamless user experience across the movement., Hug Your Bank, Programming Team Wave, organizational documents organization, planning, coding Daily. 1-2 hrs/day. 10-15 hrs/week. Preferably weekends and nights. Email, TeamSpeak, Mumble, IRC, Skype, ZMSocial
Tsaitl PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, Actionscript, Team organization and centralization. Web applications that connect people and projects. Connecting apps to apps towards a seamless user experience across the movement. (in full solidarity with Zuke ;) ), "Hug Your Bank Project", "Zeitgeist University Network". organization, planning, coding Daily. Email, TeamSpeak, Skype
apollo HTML, CSS, Graphics (Photoshop, CorelDRAW etc) Brainstorming, structural design, conceptual design, creativity methods, graphical resources etc The Venus Project website, Website 2.0, TZM on DeviantART, General Graphical resources. Organization, designing, updating, planning and creating content. Daily. Email, TeamSpeak, IRC, (MSN, Skype if needed)
aeroseth2k Joomla!, can read and debug code not a coder Media Project, template design for Joomla! and Drupal, Social Networking integration Media Project, NJ Chapter Templates, component research, testing and debugging As needed, daily. E-mail, text, voice, Teamspeak for emergencies, otherwise
Boldhawk SQL In my last years of professional work, I've been mostly involved in Project Management. Scope of Work-Global I've yet to define my work more precisely amongst current practice. daily; ready to help Skype: user name: whit3hawk; email, others as requested.
gabssnake html, css, javascript, jquery, php, mysql, flash, actionscript, photoshop, illustrator (graphic designer/web developer) interface design, information design, information architecture, html/css crafting, custom themes wordpress/joomla/drupal/other, client-side scripting, designing, organization, development, administration daily, sporadic email, skype, teamspeak
schedal Drupal, PHP, Jquery, css3/html5, flash/AS, SEO IA, Design, Coding, Theming, possibly in organization / coordination [if needed / useful] One Synergy See left columns most week can put in 2 to 8 hours, possibly more. email, skype: schedal
Username Programming languages and technologies How you want to help Availability Preferable form of contact
NeverHags PHP, JavaScript, HTML, Ajax, CSS, ASP (And many others web resources), Java, PIC programming, basic, and i can learn any thing if we need. Complex problems about interfaces, networks, AI, or any problem with a logical solution, Catalog proyect. Daily Email (, Facebook (Neverhags Heilner Garcia) and MSN (
Raptoricus C, C++, HTML, XHTML, CSS My main experience is with C++, and I'm currently studying for a game development degree, happy to help with most anything. Due to study, I might not be free all the time, but during holidays and slow periods I'll be happy to help. Email, IRC and MSN
BeyondTheGrave C, C++, C#, Java, OpenGL, XML For now I am interested in creating an application with the purpose of educating and informing the public about the ideas of the Venus Project and a resource-based economy. Available 1-2 hours per day... possibly more depending day to day. Email, IRC
CheekyChops Java, MySql Architecture, Design, Coding. E2V project Model and Controller. Available 2-3 evenings per week. Email
ivanacostarubio ruby, rails, sinatra Contribute in project for the advancement of the ZM movement by making software common people can understand Daily twitter, email, irc, phone
Nocturnal Software: C, C++, Objective-C. Web: HTML, CSS, PHP. Database: SQL I wish to contribute to interesting projects, aiding the movement in its purpose. I'm limited to Mac OS X though, so i cannot contribute to projects that aren't developed with cross-platforming in mind. Once involved, i will be available whenever i can. E-mail, IRC, MSN Messenger.
capiscuas Python, Django, Mysql, Linux, SSH, OpenERP I'm planning to create a opensource version of DotSub and integrated it in our Pootle server so we can transcribe audios and videos of the movement Daily E-mail, IRC, Jabber, Mumble and TS3
Jaimster Python, Perl, Mysql, Linux, SSH, .Net Anything that could be of use... Daily E-mail, MSN Messenger, IRC, Mumble
Gaby de Wilde HTM, CSS, JS, PHP Innovation, creativity, Streamlining processes logically. Keeping the debate going. Write a spec and help code a P2P hosting solution (which should become a component of Venux.) Daily IRC GabydeWilde_
Thanatermesis Developing Venux. IRC

FASM, PHP, Bash, XML derivatives (XSLT, XHTML, SVG, XForms)

Developing Energy Input Labeling Framework, a P2P hosting solution.

Available 2-3 hours per day... possibly more depending day to day.

XMPP (& other IMs), Email, IRC
SentEx Java, Perl, C++, Assembly, HTML Developing Venux, Project Management, Developing a Speech-to-text-to-translator-to-speech layer for Mumble ~2 hours per day Email, IRC, Mumble
winterstille Java (+10 years) Software Design, Software Dev, Software Dev Processes, SW Project Mngmt A few hours per week, depends IRC, Mail
cha be one (French) C/C++ but also networking telecom.... Telecom and system information engineer : Research and Development (V process), so Software Design, Software Dev, Software Dev Processes, SW Project Mngmt / Purpose is to develop electronic tool for direct democraty A few hours per week, depends Team speak, Mail, Phone 0033660713411
mokanel C++, C#, Python, Java; MFC (ashamed of it), .NET. Experience in debugging under MS VisualStudio, WinDBG. Anything that could be of use. Programming. Daily ~ 2 hours. More in week-end. Email, IRC.
pqzeus mostly Java, learning C, C++ Pootle administration and development for now Besides studying around 5 hours per week, depends on tasks Email, ICQ, IRC, Teamspeak3
Xint0 C#, VB.NET, PHP, C/C++, Java, Object Pascal, Pascal, BASIC. Learning Python and Ruby Project administration, architectural design, coding, testing ~ 10 hours / week rogelio.jacinto [at] gmail [dot] com, Skype, TeamSpeak, IM
microX mainly Java, C. I can work in any other language (learn on the fly). mainly coding. Just send me an email of task to do. daily, depends on my university study Email
infohata Open source web (php, perl, (x)html, css), web design, Drupal and Joomla. GIS (OpenLayers, Google Maps). Also Java, C++, LISP, + all legacy Web development or any software development. Also interested in brainstorming of AI, knowledge base development. studying GIS in Finland, but sea of free time. Just give me a path and I will take it. PM@TZM, @gmail, TS3, IRC, skype, twitter, facebook
Justice C/C++, PHP, MySQL Mainly C/C++ coding and help/support Daily email, MSN, voice chat
Dutchieman J2EE, Architecture, Requirements, Graphics, PM Administration/Design/Delegation, but also happy to help hands-on Depends PM@TZM for details: email, MSN, GTalk, Skype
cth3r C#, java, ASP.NET MVC, X/HTML, CSS, joomla, some flash. In particular on web projects, also programming-specific projects Daily IRC, email, MSN, wave
sarjuva Java (SDK), SQL, learning perl, basic UML and (E-)ER modelling skills coding, designing and testing (usability testing as well) Daily IRC preferred, if you want email, wave, twitter or phone send me a pm via irc or tzm-community. Couple of days/week in ts3
webeno CSS, HTML, PHP basics (Joomla!, WordPress), image / logo design, fast learner of any other programming language needed design, code, coordinate (not only programming), test, anything mostly after business hours (CET), but might also be able to work during business hours (working from home) e-mail/Gtalk: benomatis (at), skype: benoka, MSN: benomat (at), IRC (same nick as here)
salbris Languages: Java, C++, C, C#, PHP, X/HTML, CSS, Javascript (only working knowledge of), SQL Technologies: .NET development, Unix / Linux administration, MySQL, Oracle (working knowledge of), OpenGL (the basics) Programming, Web application development, Project design, database design and development. Essentially, in anyway I can. Daily, after 10pm (GMT) Email, GTalk
Mirthis Languages: PHP, X/HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL, Oracle, Drupal (just learning it recently), Java (I've done some stuff years ago) Programming, Web development, Database design and development Daily, a couple of hours from 20 to 22 (GMT) Email, GTalk, Skype
Nolochemical Languages: C,PHP, Python, X/HTML, CSS, Javascript, MySQL Programming, Web development, Database design and development, High Availability Daily, I'm rarely away from a machine; Email, GTalk
dejamant Languages: C#,VB, PHP, X/HTML, CSS, Javascript. Technologies: .NET, CakePHP, MySQL, SQL Server, SEO (Google Analytics and WebTrends). Web development During the work days, 2 hours per day. Email, GTalk
karimpt Languages: PHP, HTML, actionscript Technologies: MySQL Web development, testing 6 hours a week, more available during weekend Email, Msn
cdechery Languages: C, Java, PHP, ASP, Javascript, PL/SQL, shell scripting Systems Architecture, Project Management, Telecommunications, Web and Mobile development About 4hs a week Email, GTalk
ZBuffer Languages: General programming (C, C#, C++, C++/CLI, COM, MFC, Win32 API, Java, XNA, perl, python), web development (PHP, SQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Flash, *nix admin), other skills (software design, estimation, 3d graphics, maths, game development) Programming. Anything really. Point me in a direction. About 7hrs per week Email, GTalk
Skald Languages: Python, C, C#. Interested in: Common LISP. Coding, testing. Not limited to languages specified. Can tame any other dimension. Daily 2-6h Email
Maaitz Pascal, Databases: MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL Server Testing, database development. I'd like to help with From Earth to Venus and Media Project. Few hours per week Email, pm
Cluster(Chris Boertien) Languages: PHP, Python, C, ASM, Java and others Coding, Engineering 20-40 Hours/week Email, IRC
Tegi Languages: C, C++, HTML, CSS. Designing and developing websites, or developing/testing software in C/C++. I'd like to help in any way I am able to. Daily 2-5 hours depending on my studies. E-mail, MSN, Skype
Jasmim Languages: Mediawiki (basic) Mediawiki 10-25 Hours/week E-mail, TeamSpeak
Greg.walls Languages: C++ I want to create or help program an interactive program or game to educate the public. I am avail most days, depending on my school schedule E-mail or teamspeak
Nathan.pepper C/C++, HTML, XML, CSS, Ajax, MySQL, and others Willing to help any and every thing Zeitgesit... strongly interested in educational resources, user interfaces, and databases I am available everyday... ready to dive in Email/GTalk: nathan.pepper (at) gmail (dot) com, IRC, yahoo: saxypepper, MSN:, TeamSpeak
JStMartin Advanced: Administration (Drupal, LAMP, Varnish, Memcache, APC) -- Intermediate: Design (Graphics (Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator), HTML/CSS) -- Novice: Programming (PHP, Python, BASH scripting, JQuery) I'd like to help with the general administration and improvement of ZM websites through the building and management of the CMSs and servers. I would like to continually enhance the user experience of our websites through design, functionality, and performance improvements. 8+ hours, depending on Red Bull intake 8), one night per week. IRC (JStMartin), Email/GTalk (Text, Voice, and Video), Skype (JStMartin)
knocte Advanced/preferred: C#(Mono/.NET), Vala, Java,NHibernate/Hibernate, Linux. Intermediate: C, C++, Python, PHP, Perl, XHTML/CSS/JavaScript... Mostly anything, but software architecture and opensource consulting preferred 2 nights per week? IRC (knocte), Email/GTalk (Text, Voice, and Video)
Timothy de Jong PHP, XHTML/CSS/JavaScript, Java, Linux, MySQL, C, C++, Visual Basic, Creative Suite (software pack) Anything related to webdevelopment projects About 10 hours per week Email, Skype, PM
Fynn C, C++, Python, OpenMPI, Linux, BSD, OpenSource. My main experience is with C++ and C, program in parallel (with OpenMPI) and researches in Artificial Intelligence and High Performance Computing also want to help with a game (Venus Experience) and servers. I will answer every email, due to college might be hard to work in a big project right now. email (enriquefynn) skype and gtalk/gmail.
Andrew Reedy HTML5, CSS3, User Interface Design, JQuery, Javascript, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Linux, Web Technologies I run a web application design film, so I have experience in a wide range of web application development strategies. I am a full time developer and am active in the opensource community, Github IRC (mediashell), Email/GTalk C/C++/C#, GIS, Services, DB, Desktop/Mobile by automating boring laborious stuff ;} anytime - anywhere Email GTalk [Skype/IRC/TeamSpeak]
Gofoboso / Gofoboso user page C, C++, Java, PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript, Linux A visual representation of the Venus Project but also anything that could be of use. Very often Skype, Email, Msn [soon IRC/TeamSpeak]
Kons .Net, Web, Python Maths, modeling, distributed systems Daily
Agustín Carrasco HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery(Basics), SQL, DBA(Oracle), Python(Basics), Java, C/C++(basics), XML. Anything that could be of use, i'm better coder than designer tho. Almost anytime (if college doesn't stand in the way xD) Email/GTalk, MSN, TeamSpeak(Kiira), Skype(kiirainlove)
F i L HTML, CSS, JS, C/C++, C#, WebGL/OpenGL/Direct3D I'm a web developer (Concrete5) & graphics artist studying to be a creative 3d artist. I hobby as a 3D WebGL/OpenGL & Direct3D programmer. Any way i can help :) a few hours a week.
zezba9000 C++, Managed C++, C#, Direct3D 9 & 10, OpenGL, XNA, WPF, WinForms. I am a 3D programmer for hobby & as my day job. I primarily use WPF & D3D9 for my job, but use D3D9/10, XNA & OpenGL for hobby. I would like to help in anyway I can. A couple hours a week. More if needed.
Daniel Watson HTML, C++, Java (rusty). Anything. My skill is still developing, but I'm willing to learn and do anything. Anytime, outside of college class time Email, TeamSpeak(faZhift), Skype(faZhift)
Jon-br Java, J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, Tomcat, Marven, Eclipse, Linux, ShellScript, GWT, etc. I have a background in Java, J2EE and Artificial Intelligence. So, tell me what you ZM need!!! Usually week-ends Email/GTalk, TeamSpeak/GG(Jon-br)
Marboro system analysis vulnerabilities php injections e.t.c like hacking for fun learn new systems and work on security systems

wpa injection packages mysql injection e.t.c open source linux hot,backtrack, e.t.c

Usually nights Email/GTalk, TeamSpeak/(marboro) PT,EN Time Zone (UTC)
tigrang HTML, CSS, PHP, CakePHP framework, MySQL, FLEX (would need to freshen up on it though) Web Development Daily after 6/6/2011 Email/GTalk, TeamSpeak/tigrang, Skype/tigran-gabrielyan
JT C++, Java, PHP, MySQL. Some gaps in my knowledge but learn fast Just got out of school for programming, so at the moment I could probably best contribute by testing and debugging. Would be happy to do repetitive data-entry type tasks All afternoons except Wed, all evenings except Sat, late night Email, yahoo messenger (terrashow1)
Riesling Server admin, primarily. Additionally: webdesign, Photoshop Running the DNS for the global TS3 server, hosting the 1st global TS3 server, helping w. the DE and AT Chapter websites, hosting the RO Chapter website as needed
faydertvp Java, JS, AJAX, GWT, SQL. Maven, Spring, Hibernate. Eclipse IDE. Back-End Programming, Testing Weekends Email
Pavlichenko Pawn , VB, C#, PHP( POO , Cake ), SEO, html, css, js( JQuery , Ajax ), SQL ( PL/SQL ). Data-bases: MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL. Lerning Java and c, c++, Python. Knowledge of installation and configuration on Linux for web servers. i love to help, right now I'm absorbing everything related to programming, as well as my hobby electronics, and learn as much as possible. Available at any time. Email