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IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a technology that allows people to type messages to eachother in real time, much like MSN, AIM, etc, except the key to IRC is that it is intended for groups of people to talk to eachother, rather than one on one. When talking over IRC, keep in mind that people come and go and there may not always be someone there. But as more users join, there is always someone to talk to. IRC is a great way to meet different people interested in the Movement and carrying out a conversation with them.

See Also

Project Management System

Instructions for IRC (Chat)

How to join and chat

There are many different ways to access the chatrooms. The most common one is installing an IRC Client and chatting through it. How to do this is described below. Alternatives to downloading and installing the application include Chatzilla Firefox AddOn, or webchats. For additional details see below.

If you just want a quick solution, just to try, we recommend the webchats below.

Warning: IRC, like many chat services, may allow others to send you files. Please be careful downloading files, even if they appear to be from someone you trust, and always scan any downloads for malware before running executables. Also, be careful providing personal information on chat services, and be aware that other people may be able to see the information you send. With that in mind, have a safe and productive chat!

The Server

  • www.thezeitgeistmovement.com Port 6677

In order to use encrypted connection you have to reconfigure your client to use SSL and connect to port 6697 instead.

Your client should configure it self when you click here:

The Channels

In IRC, discussion rooms are called Channels. Each network may have an unlimited number of these rooms.

To display all channels just type:


To join a channel, just type:

/join #ChannelNameHere

Done. Easy.

...or see instructions below.

TZM IRC channels

Channels currently in existence:

Project Team Channels

  • #Communications ← Main Communications Team Channel
  • #Communications-Education ← Communications Education Sub-team Channel
  • #Communications-Activism ← Communications Activism Sub-team Channel
  • #Communications-LectureCircuit ← Communications Lecture Circuit Sub-team Channel
  • #LinguisticTeam ← Communications Linguistic Sub-team Channel

Important Channels

  • #ZeitgeistMovement ← Main Channel (Must provide a pass for it now, just add the pass at the end of the command)
  • #VenusprojectTVP Main Channel
  • #Help ← Get help on IRC here
  • #Science ← Discuss about science here
  • #ZM-Chapters ← ZM support for the chapters
  • #ZM-Designers ← ZM channel for graphic designers
  • #ZM-Developers ← ZM Programming Sub-team channel
  • #ZM-Moderators ← ZM Moderators Channel
  • #ZM-Translators ← ZM Translation Project Help Channel

Language Channels

  • #ZeitgeistMovement.AU ← The Zeitgeist Movement Official Australian Channel
  • #ZeitgeistMovement.DE ← The Zeitgeist Movement Official German Channel
  • #ZeitgeistMovement.DK ← The Zeitgeist Movement Official Danish Channel
  • #ZeitgeistMovement.ES-es ← The Zeitgeist Movement Official Spanish Channel
  • #ZeitgeistMovement.FI ← The Zeitgeist Movement Official Finish Channel
  • #ZeitgeistMovement.FR-fr ← The Zeitgeist Movement Official French Channel
  • #ZeitgeistMovement.GR ← The Zeitgeist Movement Official Greek Channel
  • #ZeitgeistMovement.HU ← The Zeitgeist Movement Official Hungarian Channel
  • #ZeitgeistMovement.JP ← The Zeitgeist Movement Official Japanese Channel
  • #ZeitgeistMovement.NO ← The Zeitgeist Movement Official Norwegian Channel
  • #Zeitgeistmovement.PL ← The Zeitgeist Movement Official Polish Channel
  • #Zeitgeistmovement.PT ← The Zeitgeist Movement Official Portuguese Channel
  • #Zeitgeistmovement.SE ← The Zeitgeist Movement Official Swedish Channel
  • #ZeitgeistMovement.TR-tr ← The Zeitgeist Movement Official Turkish Channel

Other Channels

  • #Linux ← Discuss about Linux here
  • #Music ← Discuss about music here
  • #ZM-Nordic ← Nordic country collaboration channel

Changing your nickname

In IRC, every visitor has a short name to identify him or herself. This name is called a Nickname or Nick. When you connect you will have to choose one for yourself.

To change this nick at any point, just type:

/nick NicknameHere

Irc Staff

Account Position(s) Joined Reason
Anarchy Network Adminstrator Beginning, rejoin at Feb 2010 Main IRC Adminstrator
Tanktop Network Administrator May 2009 Main Adminstrator of the TZM Site
Fusionhalo Network Adminstrator Feb 2010 Helps to admin the Irc
Gman Network Adminstrator Nov 2009 Helps to admin the Irc
Apollo Global Oper Aug 2009 Helps to operate the IRC
Azzy Global Oper Feb 2010 Helps to operate the IRC
Darkdancer Global Oper Feb 2010 Helps to operate the IRC
Johneb Global Oper March 2010 Helps to operate the IRC


DO NOT beg for oper or admin status, we will ask you if we need someone.

If you are very experienced with IRC and want to help us, then please join for example the #help channel or the #ZM-Moderators Channel and tell us about your skills. Thank You :-) Also http://www.thezeitgeistmovement.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_kunena&Itemid=99999&func=view&catid=60&id=235567#238709

IRC Services


NickServ is a nickname service bot, is used to register and protect user nicknames.

To see the help for NickServ, type:

/msg nickserv help

"/msg nickserv" COMMANDS:

  • REGISTER - Register a nickname
  • CONFIRM - Confirm a nickserv auth code
  • RESEND - Resend a nickserv auth code
  • GROUP - Join a group
  • GLIST - Lists all nicknames in your group
  • IDENTIFY - Identify yourself with your password
  • ACCESS - Modify the list of authorized addresses
  • SET - Set options, including kill protection
  • DROP - Cancel the registration of a nickname
  • RECOVER - Kill another user who has taken your nick
  • RELEASE - Regain custody of your nick after RECOVER
  • SENDPASS - Forgot your password? Try this
  • GHOST - Disconnects a "ghost" IRC session using your nick
  • ALIST - List channels you have access on
  • INFO - Displays information about a given nickname
  • LIST - List all registered nicknames that match a given pattern
  • LOGOUT - Reverses the effect of the IDENTIFY command
  • STATUS - Returns the owner status of the given nickname
  • UPDATE - Updates your current status, i.e. it checks for new memos

For a specific help for a nickserv command, type:

/msg nickserv help COMMAND

For Example:

/msg nickserv help ghost

How to Register a Nick

You can register your nick on IRC, this is needed for other IRC Service options.

Please choose the same nick like your Forum Login, to let other people know who you are.

To register your nick, type:

/msg nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL

For Example:

/msg nickserv register Vproject21 your@email.com

Check your emails, after you have successfully registered.

How to Identify

After your nick is registered and confirmed, you have to identify this nick. Every time when you'll login in our IRC.

To identify your nick, type:

/msg nickserv identify PASSWORD

For Example, if your password is 'Vproject21', then type:

/msg nickserv identify Vproject21

In many clients you can put this command in an advanced option folder. Watch out for the help of your IRC Client.

Changing Services Language

You can change the language of the IRC Services, uses when sending messages to you (for example, when responding to a command you send). The number should be chosen from the following list of supported languages:

  • 1 - English
  • 2 - Français (French)
  • 3 - Deutsch (German)
  • 4 - Italiano (Italian)
  • 5 - Português (Portuguese)
  • 6 - Español (Spanish)
  • 7 - Türkçe (Turkish)
  • 8 - Catala (Catalan)
  • 9 - ÅëëçíéêÜ (Greek)
  • 10 - Nederlands (Dutch)
  • 11 - Ðóññêèé (Russian)
  • 12 - Magyar (Hungarian)
  • 13 - Polski (Polish)

For Example, to change the IRC Services Language to Portuguese, type:

/msg nickserv set language 5 


MemoServ is a service bot, used to record and deliver messages to users who are currently offline.

To see the help for MemoServ, type:

/msg memoserv help

"/msg memoserv" COMMANDS:

  • SEND - Send a memo to a nick or channel
  • CANCEL - Cancel last memo you sent
  • LIST - List your memos
  • READ - Read a memo or memos
  • DEL - Delete a memo or memos
  • SET - Set options related to memos
  • INFO - Displays information about your memos
  • CHECK - Checks if last memo to a nick was read

For a specific help for a memoserv command, type:

/msg memoserv help COMMAND

For Example:

/msg memoserv help set


ChanServ is a channel service bot, is used to protect channel operators and help run the channel. This is convenient for the operators because they do not need to have an operator on the channel all of the time to keep their status.

To see the help for ChanServ, type:

/msg chanserv help

"/msg chanserv" COMMANDS:

  • REGISTER - Register a channel
  • IDENTIFY - Identify yourself with your password
  • SET - Set channel options and information
  • SOP - Modify the list of SOP users
  • AOP - Modify the list of AOP users
  • HOP - Maintains the HOP (HalfOP) list for a channel
  • VOP - Maintains the VOP (VOicePeople) list for a channel
  • ACCESS - Modify the list of privileged users
  • LEVELS - Redefine the meanings of access levels
  • AKICK - Maintain the AutoKick list
  • DROP - Cancel the registration of a channel
  • SENDPASS - Help retrieve lost passwords
  • BAN - Bans a selected nick on a channel
  • UNBAN - Remove all bans preventing you from entering a channel
  • CLEAR - Tells ChanServ to clear certain settings on a channel
  • OWNER - Gives you owner status on channel
  • DEOWNER - Removes your owner status on a channel
  • PROTECT - Protects a selected nick on a channel
  • DEPROTECT - Deprotects a selected nick on a channel
  • OP - Gives Op status to a selected nick on a channel
  • DEOP - Deops a selected nick on a channel
  • HALFOP - Halfops a selected nick on a channel
  • DEHALFOP - Dehalfops a selected nick on a channel
  • VOICE - Voices a selected nick on a channel
  • DEVOICE - Devoices a selected nick on a channel
  • GETKEY - Returns the key of the given channel
  • INVITE - Tells ChanServ to invite you or a given nick into a channel
  • KICK - Kicks a selected nick from a channel
  • LIST - Lists all registered channels matching the given pattern
  • LOGOUT - This command will logout the selected nickname
  • TOPIC - Manipulate the topic of the specified channel
  • INFO - Lists information about the named registered channel
  • ENFORCE - Enforce various channel modes and set options
  • APPENDTOPIC - Add text to a channels topic

For a specific help for a chanserv command, type:

/msg chanserv help COMMAND

For Example:

/msg chanserv help set


Reportserv is a service for users to report problems. Pertaining to the irc in general, such as problems, or user problems and things of the sort.

To see the help for ReportServ, type:

/msg reportserv help

"/msg reportserv" COMMANDS:

  • Report - Report a problem.--- must be more than 3 words.


SuggestServ is a service for users to suggest ideas to the irc admins. Pertaining to the irc in general, such as improvements, or a important topic..

To see the help for SuggestServ, type:

/msg suggestserv help

"/msg suggestserv" COMMANDS:

  • suggest - Suggest an idea.--- must be more than 3 words.

User Modes

What is +o or +h ?

An IRC Op (+o) or Halfop (+h) is a channel operator status. Operators can set channel modes, new topics and also set user rights, and they have the right to kick or ban users if they are breaking rules.

What is +v ?

An IRC voice (+v) is used if a channel is moderated (+m). The users with a voice can speak, while others cant. This means the users without a voice cannot send their text to the channel, and this has nothing to do with a mic. ;)

More IRC commands

IRC clients


A webchat is an IRC client that allows you to connect using a website, without having to install anything.

You can always use our Webchat in the communicate menu.

Mibbit.com option

Mibbit Login Sites for The Zeitgeist Movement:

A picture how to make mibbit client settings:

Colloquy (Mac)

If you are using Mac, can recommend using Colloquy. Colloquy is a mac-native IRC client, is Free Software; an open source project under the GNU General Public License version 2. You can get the latest version here.

Irssi (Linux, Mac)

If you are using GNU/Linux, I would recommend using Irssi. Irssi is a console based IRC client and is Free Software under the GPL. XChat is also a suitable graphical client. There are many other clients available which should be available in your default repositories. A list of IRC clients for GNU/Linux is available here.


If you are using GNU/Linux I recommend you install it via your native package manager. On Mac OS you will have to install Macports first, which is a basic package manager for Mac which contains ported applications, the package name is "irssi".

You can also compile it from source, see this page for links to up to date repositories.


To configure Irssi to auto connect to the Zeitgeist IRC channel and server, use the following config file. Place the config file in "~/irssi/config", i.e. remove the .txt extension and rename it config and move it to your home directory/irssi.

Custom Irssi config file: File:Irssiconfig.txt

Run Irssi by typing 'irssi' into your terminal after you have installed it. When it has loaded, you should have connected to the IRC channel. Type "/nick MYNICK" to change your nick from MYNICKHERE. Type "/save" to save this, and "/quit" to quit. Hold control and press n to change the active window from messages to the chat window, and type your messages to talk!

A full Irssi tutorial can be found here.

Konversation (Linux)

Konversation is one of the best graphical Internet Relay Chat clients. Its an Open Source application but only available for Linux so far.

Konversation works on KDE (3.2 and later) and on Gnome as well and has the following features:

  • Standard IRC features
  • SSL server support
  • Bookmarking support
  • Easy to use graphical user interface
  • Multiple servers and channels in one single window
  • DCC file transfer
  • Multiple identities for different servers
  • Text decorations and colors
  • OnScreen Display for notifications
  • Automatic UTF-8 detection
  • Per channel encoding support
  • Theme support for nick icons
  • Highly configurable

Nickname Auto Identify

Press F8 in Konversation to configure the Auto Identify option for your nick.

Type in the 'service folder': nickserv

And in the 'password folder' your password for IRC.

More Infos

mIRC (Windows)

mIRC is a proprietary IRC client for Microsoft Windows. It is better to use Free Software when possible as it guarantees the user's rights and is similar to the Zeitgeist philosophy, but this client is given as an option since it is the most popular IRC client for Windows. If you want to use Free Software, then take a look at XChat or at the other recommended IRC clients too.


  1. Go download MIRC. MIRC Homepage
  2. install the software
  3. run the program
  4. At the top left go to FILE-select server, or just press ALT+E
  5. Click the ADD button
  6. Description: Write whatever you want
  7. IRC Server: www.thezeitgeistmovement.com
  8. Port: 6677
  9. Group and password leave empty
  10. Connect to the new server
  11. Go to TOOLS-Channel list, or just press ALT+L
  12. It should say Zeitgeist.txt in the Use file. Now press Get List
  13. As of now, the channel is #ZeitgeistMovement
  14. Any gaps in the information, be responsible and either put your questions in the discussion section of this page, or update this here guide yourself. Enjoy!

Useful for real-time communication. Large amount of control-ability over chats available. Good for preventing problem users.


Autoidentify with mirc - a video 1 minute and 2 seconds long


Black text on white background hard on your eyes? Check this out :)

  1. Go to VIEW-Colors, or press ALT+K
  2. Under Scheme, choose Monochrome state, or custom
  3. (custom) Click on the white texts in all the boxes and change with the color pallet
  4. Click on the empty space in ALL the boxes, including the editbox text area and change it to black, etc.
  5. Enjoy!

Creating a new channel

  1. Go to COMMANDS-Join Channel
  2. Type in the new channel name. No spaces.

or do this:


Done. Easy.


To put timestamps next to each entry follow:

  1. TOOLS-Options, or press ALT+O
  2. Under IRC-Messages
  3. Check box timestamp events

XChat (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Xchat is an open source IRC client for Linux, Mac OS and Windows. The Versions can be downloaded here:

Using Xchat (Linux):

  • Go to Settings -> Networks -> Add
  • On Network Settings tab put some name there, like TZM. You can put mark on connect automatically option.
  • On User and Channel settings put your nickname and on the bottom you can put channels which opens automatically. You only need to put channel name on the left side ex. #zm-translators.
  • On Servers tab You need to add the server, which is www.thezeitgeistmovement.com/6677 . Note the slash and the unnormal port.
  • Then press Close and go to IRC -> Connect and select the TZM channel.

Other recommended IRC clients

More Clients you can find here.

Log files

These log files contain all the conversations that we had had on IRC since logging was set up (2009-01-24). You may read them to see what we have discussed.

The log for the day can be found on this page. All older logs (ready from 5 minutes after midnight, GMT+1) can be found in this ZIP file.

Helping out with the IRC

If you wish to help out with the IRC, send me a pm on irc with some things such as, how long you have used irc, how much do you know about it etc, try to make it look good, and an admin will take a look at it. Also include what level your apping for(channel op or server op(these will be interviewed so to speak)