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Insert your personnel details in this table.

See the list of Dev Team Contributors to gather more people, as necessary.

Team members actively involved on this project

Available tasks: development, server administration, graphic design, interaction design, usability, testing, requests and feedback, maintenance, project management.

Team members not yet involved in this project but are willing to help

Username Programming languages and programs How you want to help Role Availability for this project Preferred form of Contact
Pete Faraway basic web design & HTML, graphic design, page layout The global website is the most important tool the ZM has for communication between members and for informing the world about what we propose and what are doing. I would like to contribute to planning and creating a website worthy of the movement. Strategic planning, project management, writing 10 or more hours per week Email Address


James/Mensan mediawiki, css, wikicode I'm very much interested in Wikis, having 4 years experience with them. Am looking to create a Wiki about TZM and RBE. Also very supportive on the Phoenix Project! Can help with all sorts of non-coding stuff, like usability, ideas and testing. Usability, testing, ideas, wiki stuff, etc ~20 hours per week Email Address
Federico Pistono Project Management, PHP, Drupal, mediawiki, CSS, bash scripting, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Illustrator General supervisor 5 hours per week Email Address
Tom (UK, North Devon) Photoshop, Voice-overs, ideas "Lot's of time free" Email Address
Skype: iTomath
Danny php, mysql, c++, delphi/pascal, visual basic, bash, batch, x/html, python Spanish Dev. Coord. Bandwith offering, Translation in Spanish/English (some French), Linux skills 12 hours per week Email Address
Skype: darkasakerionz
Xfire: dark2reaven
Konrad Sauer php, Ruby on Rails, general advanced comp skills Person responsible for Brazilian Chapter's website Programmer, sysadmin 10 hours per week Email Address
Jonathan D'Orleans/Jon-br Java/J2EE/GWT developer, MySQL Developer and researcher in Artificial Intelligence, more precisely, Machine Learning (Neural networks) Hibernate, Spring, UML, Marven, SVN, JUnit, Linux. Languages of Portguese, French, English 2+ hours per week Email Address
James Tarpinian/Jay~/J~/JayTea PHP, SQL, C++, Java . Coding, testing, debugging, Organisational work, collecting requirements, finding more team members, etc 20+ hours per week Email Address
Nick Polimeni/Boldhawk Administration Development 20 hours per week
Jan Reference: Graphic design, 3D animation 4+ hours per week Email Address
VickeTok Swedish Dev-Team, experience in the media, making websites. Interested in psychological ways of people going to a site. Unemployed. Will be leader of testing group if needed. Development, programming, testing "all time you need" Email Address
Thomas Asp/thomas911 TZM Forum post: [1] Photoshop, Indesign, ideas about user experience and navigation 10 hours per week Email Address
Isak/Kamikasi xhtml, css + some php, javascript. Adobe suite. Would rather not get down and dirty with code, but can do if necessary. Would love to supervise + give feedback. Front end development, administration, feedback. Depends on current workload. Email Address
Xfire: dark2reaven (XDD) Php, Mysql, C++, Delphi (Pascal), Visual Basic, Bash, Batch, x html, python (low); Linux Skill (Servers ++, Desktop, Compile, the o.s in general): Advanced I can give a lot of bandwitch (more than 100gb/month) for do testings, or store the projects, or chapters sites or what ever. Role Spanish (Native), English (I understand 100% writed English, 70% speak English, I’m find it hard to write it, but I try XDD), French (Basic) Preferred form of Contact
Riesling Server & DNS admin + Web-Hosting, primarily. Additionally: Webdesign, Photoshop

Currently running the DNS for the global TS3 server, hosting the (previous) 1st global TS3 server, helping w. the DE Chapter website, hosting the RO Chapter website

How you want to help Role as needed
Benja usability, testing, developing educational concepts/structurs How you want to help Role up to 4h/week Email Address
Danette Testing 5 hours per week Email Address
Martin J. Testing Role 2 hours/week Email Address
Gary Kent Testing 5 hours/week Email Address
LebensWert Fluent in HTML, also know JavaScript, Java, Perl, PHP and others (although wouldn’t call myself “fluent”) How you want to help for now just watching the project without real time to actively contribute; at a later date I could do testing, interaction design/usability, maybe some debugging Availability for this project Email Address
Yuri Klopovsky C++, Qt, Cmake, html, javascript, php. Some Ruby & Python s Role Don't have time right now just in case: Email Address
Marius Usability Testing 2 hours/week Email Address
I.Deckard (Spain) musician Usability Testing 2 hours/week Email Address
Paco (Pakus) Spain creative, web design How you want to help 10 Hours /week Email Address, ,
Javi (Spain) usbility testing 2 hours/wee Email Address
zezba9000 C++/C#. Good with OpenGL or Direct3D9-10. Also good with WinForms or WPF(could do Silverlight if needed). Know Unity3D(which runs in the browser) as well, so if we need any simple 2D or 3D zeitgeist games How you want to help 5-10 hours a week Email Address
Cluster/Chris (Canada) Any programming language, Linux sysadmin, system theory. Not much for GUI experience. Can work with any VCS, prefer Git/github. Some experience with UX and behavior modeling.
daevski/David (USA EST) PHP and mysql, strong in css/html. Experience with jQuery libraries. Understanding of Git, but no intimate use. Avid linux and windows user, but also understand Mac. Understand web design well, but am not a designer. Use The Gimp heavily for other projects. Use Netbeans for IDE programming. 5-10 hours a week Email Address
Gregor/Syn html5, js, css3 UX-evaluation, Information Architecture, CSS styling, optimization of on-screen typography Front-End conception/development 1 hour per week [2]
Waycooljr - Jesse CS5, Drupal front end Provide input on requirements for users, Assist with Graphics and Testing as needed Testing, graphics support 3-4 hours per week [3]
schedal Drupal, PHP, Jquery, css3/html5, flash/AS, SEO IA, Design, Coding, Theming, possibly in organization / coordination [if needed / useful] IA, Design, Coding, Theming, possibly in organization / coordination [if needed / useful] most week can put in 2 to 8 hours, possibly more. email: on gmail you can find me by writing to schedal or with skype: schedal
Username Programming languages and technologies Projects How you want to help Availability Preferable form of contact
JStMartin Advanced: Administration (Drupal, LAMP, Varnish, Memcache, APC) -- Intermediate: Design (Graphics (Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator), HTML/CSS) -- Novice: Programming (PHP, Python, BASH scripting, JQuery) I'd like to help with the general administration and improvement of ZM websites through the building and management of the CMSs and servers. I'd like to continually enhance the user experience of our websites through design, functionality, and performance improvements. 8+ hours, depending on Red Bull intake 8), one night per week. IRC (JStMartin), Email/GTalk (Text, Voice, and Video), Skype (JStMartin)