Linguistic Team Meetings/2014-07-05/Text Component

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Chat begins 5th of July 2014, time is UTC+3

<22:07:28> "giovanna marino UK": brentwood

<22:07:35> "giovanna marino UK": essex

<22:17:22> "giovanna marino UK": carer

<22:17:23> "Beniamino (benzaiten)":

<22:18:28> "giovanna marino UK": live-in carer

<22:26:57> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": I am back, was trying my new pressure coocker

<22:27:13> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": ops please remove the 'c' from cooker :-pp

<22:27:34> "Ray | LTI": Does the cooker 'pressure' well?

<22:28:26> "giovanna marino UK": there musst be a trigger

<22:28:36> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": @Ray I prepared flat beans, usually I spent 30 minutes, now 12 minutes at minimum gas load after reaching temparature

<22:28:54> "Ray | LTI": Nice!

<22:32:38> "Christos Pap.":

<22:32:48> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": opening

<22:41:06> "Christos Pap.": he checked his spam folder but nothing there

<22:41:48> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": @Christos what his his email address? may you write the part after ?

<22:42:02> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": I will check for any MX domain bad settings

<22:44:18> "Christos Pap.": sorry, phone rang. can you go from the top?

<22:46:14> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": this link should work

<22:47:24> "Ray | LTI":

<22:48:22> "Ray | LTI":

<22:51:52> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": %-|

<22:52:52> "Borislav / lizardman":

<22:54:06> "Christos Pap.": who is he? I didn't get it

<22:55:38> "giovanna marino UK": brb

<22:58:24> "Ray | LTI": TZM Defined

<22:58:53> "Christos Pap.":

<22:59:41> "giovanna marino UK": bk

<23:00:25> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": there is no italian language project for

<23:01:59> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": @Gio check this out

<23:02:33> "Ray | LTI":

<23:03:02> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": @Gio we will spread this info on facebook groups and on TZM Italian GDL Traduzioni

<23:07:32> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": @Gio let's keep in touch to promote volunteers for TZM Defined and app_menu

<23:07:42> "giovanna marino UK": WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWW

<23:08:48> "Borislav / lizardman": are you in love?

<23:08:49> "Borislav / lizardman": :P

<23:09:15> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": hah nice shot :-p

<23:09:43> "Borislav / lizardman": have you tried it?

<23:09:44> "Borislav / lizardman": :D

<23:11:12> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": @Gio please check this and verify if for the Italian team you can be reachable

<23:12:47> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": I can't see the time to test and use it... pleaaaaaaaaase

<23:13:26> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": w-o-w

<23:14:57> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": amazing! this could give the right spin for volunteers participation

<23:20:02> "Christos Pap.": things that delay you? like me?

<23:20:09> "Borislav / lizardman": no

<23:20:57> "Christos Pap.": ok, I can stop turning my back now

<23:21:34> "Borislav / lizardman": I will kick your ass so hard...

<23:21:52> "Christos Pap.": that's what I was hoping for

<23:23:08> "Christos Pap.": LTI: I want you!

<23:23:16> "Christos Pap.": Uncle LTI

<23:23:25> "Beniamino (benzaiten)":

<23:23:45> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": :)))

<23:23:52> "giovanna marino UK": LOL

<23:26:39> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": on Sunday 13th we have a guided tour for new volunteers, actually 9 attendees

<23:28:12> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": we are pushing to use forum against facebook, we recently changed the italian board layout

<23:28:24> "Christos Pap.": I didn't know that

<23:29:00> "Ray | LTI": Nice news, Ben!  :D

<23:29:14> "Beniamino (benzaiten)":

<23:31:17> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": well said Ray!

<23:31:49> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": let's wait them to ferment....

<23:33:23> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": there are no dumb questions, rather answers are

<23:35:26> "Ray | LTI":

<23:36:17> "Ray | LTI":

<23:36:44> "Christos Pap.": I wasn't aware of these. great!

<23:37:18> "Christos Pap.": link to dotsub tutorial please?

<23:39:08> "Beniamino (benzaiten)":

<23:44:29> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": put extensionality instead of passion?

<23:44:48> "giovanna marino UK": Need to go, guys. Hopefully I'll be more active starting from next week.

<23:44:55> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": that is why I added the "?"

<23:44:57> "Christos Pap.": bye, Gio

<23:44:57> "giovanna marino UK": Big huge hugs!!!!

<23:45:04> "giovanna marino UK": <3

<23:45:07> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": ciao Gio, let keep in contact!

<23:45:09> "Christos Pap.": I love passion! Just ask Boris...

<23:50:37> "Beniamino (benzaiten)":

<00:00:59> "Borislav / lizardman":

<00:01:17> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": starred in my shared docs

<00:01:42> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": not from me

<00:02:14> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": %-D

<00:02:22> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": you made my day!

<00:02:51> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": yay!

<00:06:45> "Beniamino (benzaiten)": bye!