Linguistic Team Meetings/2014-06-07/Text Component

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Chat begins 7th of June 2014, time is UTC+3

<22:05:12> "Borislav / lizardman": brb

<22:10:06> "giovanna marino UK": yeah I know

<22:10:12> "giovanna marino UK": sorry about

<22:13:32> "Ray | LTI": brb

<22:13:58> "Christos Pap.": no

<22:14:26> "Vixi-Sue (POC Spain)":

<22:16:06> "giovanna marino UK": what city

<22:16:30> "Vixi-Sue (POC Spain)":

<22:16:41> "Borislav / lizardman": back

<22:16:47> "Ray | LTI": same

<22:17:05> "Vixi-Sue (POC Spain)":

<22:18:18> "Ray | LTI":

<22:21:20> "giovanna marino UK": put the link please

<22:21:52> "Christos Pap.": Actually I liked a lot one of the comments on Vixi's video on Youtube: "Resource-Based Economy coming soon to an Earth near you"

<22:22:26> "Borislav / lizardman":

<22:23:38> "Christos Pap.":

<22:25:03> "Christos Pap.": also Italian I think

<22:25:09> "Christos Pap.": TBTMCB

<22:26:30> "giovanna marino UK": brb

<22:28:38> "giovanna marino UK": bk

<22:32:48> "Christos Pap.": in LTI or TVP?

<22:33:09> "Borislav / lizardman": people losing their faith?

<22:33:16> "Borislav / lizardman": that's what happens with faith naturally

<22:33:55> "Christos Pap.": what do you mean, Boris? I don't understand

<22:34:04> "Borislav / lizardman": :P

<22:34:13> "Borislav / lizardman": I always smile when you ask me this question

<22:34:31> "Christos Pap.": you laugh when I don't understand?

<22:35:11> "Borislav / lizardman": no, when you ask me to make my blabberings more specific

<22:36:34> "Christos Pap.":

<22:50:24> "giovanna marino UK": Climate chaos in four minutes Guy McPherson

<22:53:24> "Christos Pap.": I think I already have death in front of me :)

<22:55:21> "MarioHi LTI Germany": Vixi, this is for you :)

<22:55:28> "Ray | LTI":

<22:56:44> "Vixi-Sue (POC Spain)": I will go sit in the corner and just look at the box of cookies :(

<22:57:35> "Peppe": hi people

<22:58:26> "giovanna marino UK": Ciao Peppe

<22:58:51> "Peppe": ciao

<22:59:52> "Christos Pap.": sth like this for example?

<23:08:28> "MarioHi LTI Germany": borislav, plz point me to the URL where to get today's recording

<23:09:08> "Borislav / lizardman": it will appear here:

<23:09:13> "MarioHi LTI Germany": ok thx

<23:09:37> "Christos Pap.": mario, you can also find recordings in this channel's description

<23:09:44> "Christos Pap.": there's a link

<23:11:38> "MarioHi LTI Germany": oh, i did not know that, thx

<23:14:05> "Vixi-Sue (POC Spain)": brb

<23:16:40> "Ray | LTI": Hah!

<23:17:38> "Christos Pap.": actually I was adressing Boris :)

<23:17:47> "Christos Pap.": he said sth about being open

<23:18:46> "Vixi-Sue (POC Spain)": back

<23:27:20> "Ray | LTI": That makes me smile, Mario.  :D

<23:29:53> "MarioHi LTI Germany":

<23:31:03> "MarioHi LTI Germany": right

<23:34:59> "giovanna marino UK": I'm oweful when angry! lol

<23:35:42> "Ray | LTI": You're Italian. The current culture tells me that's an important stereotype to remember.  :D

<23:36:03> "giovanna marino UK": heheheheh

<23:36:16> "Peppe":

<23:36:27> "Ray | LTI": My experience with Italian women proves that wrong, but hey! lol

<23:37:22> "giovanna marino UK":

<23:39:25> "giovanna marino UK": wow

<23:41:26> "Christos Pap.": did I say Windows?

<23:41:35> "MarioHi LTI Germany": no

<23:44:42> "giovanna marino UK": or a comma in a wrong position!

<23:48:26> "giovanna marino UK": brb

<23:52:08> "giovanna marino UK": bk

<23:54:10> "giovanna marino UK": nop

<23:59:07> "giovanna marino UK": OFF TOPIC Oksana (Fikcija) is looking for a room in London for her boyfriend (LTI Croatia) for a couple of days for today/tomorrorw.