Linguistic Team Meetings/2014-05-10/Text Component

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Chat begins 10th of May 2014, time is UTC+3

<22:29:58> "lizardman": I knew that word before

<22:30:01> "lizardman": unconscionable

<22:32:14> "lizardman": yay technology

<22:42:02> "giovanna marino UK": cool!!!

<22:45:19> "giovanna marino UK":

<22:52:54> "giovanna marino UK": nop

<22:54:46> "lizardman": tell me about it

<23:06:16> "Ray (Gman)":

<23:11:03> "giovanna marino UK": If you want to talk about someone who asked "Can islam be alternative to resources based economy? Is Islam against debts and greed?"