Chapters Guide tutorial

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This tutorial is going to walk you through the process of creating a PDF document of your finished translation of the Chapters Guide.

Firstly, you should have received a package containing a template .odt file, two archives with the needed fonts, a bunch of .html files, and the Chapters Guide PDF file.

To work with the .odt file, you need to have installed Open Office, which is an open-source alternative to MS Office. You can obtain Open Office for free here.

Now, let's begin. :)

Unarchive the two archive files containing the fonts. You need to install these fonts onto your operating system. In Windows, this is done by copying the font files to C:\windows\fonts . It should be easy enough to find out how to install fonts in other operating systems through some research.

After you've installed the fonts, you can open the template .odt file with Open Office. Since the fonts are now installed on your machine, you should see all the layout displayed correctly. Your task now is to change all English text with your language's translation. The layout should be preserved during this operation. Please refer to the PDF file to ensure consistency with the original, if that's your goal.

The template .odt file contains everything that is not in Pootle. The chapters themselves are in Pootle. So, where is their content? It's in the .html files that you've received. Simply double-click on an .html file to open it in your browser. Then press Ctrl+A to select all. Then copy it and paste it in the proper place inside the .odt file. Take care of layout issues, if any. Repeat this procedure for all chapters.

  • Note: if characters of your language do not appear correctly, please switch your browser to UTF-8 encoding. Again, simple research should show you how to do this for your browser.

After you're done with all chapters, all that is left is to create the PDF through File=>Export as PDF, inside Open Office. And that's it, you're done!

Please note that you can also use the .html files for insertion into a website, like this.

If you've got any questions or difficulties, please post them on the forum.