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Translation into many languages is a vital step in the dissemination of important videos.

How to become a Translator for LTI

  1. Register to the Linguistic Team Forum. Complete your profile, especially contact information.
  2. Introduce yourself/ and indicate your language proficiency and other details about yourself. This will make coordinators aware of your desire to translate.
  3. Find the Translation Team for your language and bookmark it for further reference. This will be your collaboration and communication area. Post all your initiatives and intentions there, to help others know what is being done, what needs proofreading and what is completed.

Tools to translate

Video captions Websites, images & text material

Find a video or web text to translate

  • "Open for Translation" section. This includes the master lists of open videos, texts and images to translate, with one thread for each of them.
  • Working Locations - Comprehensive table. Scroll down to the Open for Translations tab.
  • Once you have chosen something to translate, check in your Translation Team Forum if a thread already exists for it. If not, create a new thread with the same title and indicate you started to translate it.

Before you start translating videos, please read this carefully

  • The absolute maximum for a subtitle string is 84 characters. It can be on 2 lines.
  • Consider the grammatical structure of the sentences in your language when determining the transition point from one string to the next one.
  • String breaks should fall on natural pauses and very rarely should two sentences be in the same string.

After you finish a translation

  • In your Translation Team Forum section, indicate that the translation is complete and ready for proofreading. At least one person must review your translation before publishing.
  • Once it has been fully reviewed and turned in as completed, the translation will be published to its relevant repository location, global YouTube channels (LTI, TVP or TZM), websites, etc., for sharing with the world.