Welcome Transcribers

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Do you want to help the Linguistic Team International (LTI) transcribe English videos?

What do Transcribers do ?

Transcribers write down the English captions for videos. They have a good command of the English language, and can understand and write down every single word that is spoken in the video accurately and without spelling errors. They can correct speakersʼ grammatical mistakes when necessary. Transcription is a vital first step in the dissemination of important videos in many languages.

How to become a Transcriber for the English Team

  1. Register to the Linguistic Team Forum. Complete your profile, especially contact information.
  2. Introduce yourself and indicate your language proficiency and other details about yourself.
  3. Print the English Quick Reference for Transcription, Translation and Proofreading, a reference for consultation while transcribing.
  4. Bookmark the English Department Forum for future reference. This will be your place of communication. Post all your initiatives and intentions there so we can help each others know what is being done, what needs transcribing or what is completed.

Tools you need to transcribe

Find a video to transcribe

  • Top priorities Note that this includes also the translation and proofreading stages of a video.

Before you start, read this carefully

  • Minimum display time for a subtitle: 1.5 seconds per line and at least 2 seconds for 2 lines if possible.
  • Maximum length for a subtitle string is about 70 characters (including spaces). It can be on 2 lines. This takes into account the fact that other languages need more space than English. The absolute maximum for a TV screen is 84 characters on 2 lines of 42 each.
  • Consider the grammatical structure of the sentences when determining the transition point from one string to the next one.