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This is the home page for the Linguistic Team International (LTI) wiki. If you came here, then you probably want to help make RBE knowledge available to fellow human beings by transcribing, proofreading, translating and/or helping with any of our Global LTI support groups (those that 'service' all language teams & public needs). :)

LTI seeks native speakers of all languages, including English, to help us help the world build deep understanding about the global RBE proposal. If you are good with the more technical or IT side of information-sharing (manipulating audio and video files, DVD's, tutorials, etc.), if you have strong experience with public outreach (social media, communications, etc.), or if you know how to develop server-side software, your skills are also very much needed.

This page's purpose is to provide you with connection to all parts of the Linguistic Team's structure. Of course, you don't need to go through all the links (unless you are that hungry for knowledge). All you have to do is get in contact and provide an idea of where you want (or are able) to help.

Where to begin?

1) If you are looking to lend a hand with your linguistic skills, the first thing you should consider doing is contacting your language coordinator, who will provide you with the information you need in order to get involved and start making knowledge available to more people (also known as 'translating to change the world' ;). The Linguistic Team is designed with the intent to quickly and intelligibly provide every volunteer with an orientation of the tools and processes we utilize. The best possible method seems to be to have a dedicated person (or persons) per language around which a language team can be organized, and to receive support. The language coordinators are people who have volunteered themselves to get good knowledge of our overall system and to then provide it to their teammates. These fine folks make possible the collaboration between many people, which in turn contributes greatly to the end-goal of producing high-quality translations. This last one is an absolutely crucial part of everything that we do, for our goal is to change the world by bringing new ideas into it - not to confuse people and misrepresent the content.

2) Register on the LTI Forum. There you can introduce yourself, ask any questions you might have, check out your language team's forum section, etc. (in two words, connect globally). This is also the place to go if there is no coordinator for your language.

Tools we use

All of our tools enable collaboration - that is, they allow many people to contribute to the same translation (or transcription), refining and perfecting it. There are two main tools:

1) Pootle is a platform that we use to translate text materials and websites. This tutorial will provide you with a step-by-step explanation of how to register there, configure your settings and start action. There is also a more detailed text-based tutorial here.

2) Dotsub is a website that enables the creation of subtitles for videos. Here is a nice, short tutorial they have which shows how to work with the site. There is also a more detailed text-based tutorial here.

(Note: some teams may use additional tools, depending on their individual needs)


  1. Check out the official LTI Facebook group
  2. Visit the Linguistic Team International YouTube channel, containing connections to all official language-specific LTI YouTube channels.