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The Linguistic TechTeam focuses primarily on the end-result multimedia aspects of these efforts. Specifically, this team handles the more technical aspects of the distribution of many of the efforts of the other Linguistic Teams. Current needs include the creation of easily burnable ISO image files (with excellent subtitles), making finished work easily accessible for download by all, splicing together original videos and audio that are currently available only in 'parts', creating raw resources for voice-over translation projects, providing various format conversions (i.e. creating audio-only files of videos), providing tutorials on how to crack open a slide show, translate the contents and put it back together again, etc..

Special Requests

If you are logged into Wiki, clicking on this Special Requests link will allow you to easily make requests for specific formats of completed items at the bottom of this page. Adding four consecutive ~ symbols to the end of your suggestion will let us know who is asking for it (Wiki converts them to your 'wiki signature'). Before clicking on the Save button on that page, please add a title to the Summary line (e.g. "Addendum in PDF") and uncheck the box calling it a Minor Edit. This will tell Wiki to alert all TechTeam members of the request via email.

Conversely, you can also post requests to the LingTeam forum's "TechTeam Requests" forum thread.

Video Handling

Splicing of multi-part videos

Occasionally, the only 'Originals' we can locate come to us in 'parts'. In order to send them through the Linguistic Team system, these must be spliced together to create a single, uploadable file. The initial splicing must be done in a way that preserves the full quality of the originals, to serve as a replacement original for those who later wish to create subtitled DVDs from it. Depending on the resulting file's size, that merged file may then need to have a 'reduced' version created from it that will fit into the tools we use for transcription & translation processing.

ISO images with subtitles

An ISO is a single file that members can download and burn to DVD using free software. The result is a DVD containing the complete video with menus, subtitles, etc. already included. This is the easiest way for the movement to distribute the official ZM media to everyone and the burning instructions are very easy to follow. All created ISOs will be available from a single location, to be announced once we begin creating them.

Note: The ideal scenario is to have all translations completed at about the same time so that all of them can be included within a single DVD ISO that everyone can download, burn and show to others of their own language. This would limit the work of the Tech Team to just a single ISO creation of each video. Unfortunately, various factors conspire to make this a near impossibility, meaning that multiple ISO creation/replacement will occur whenever a language has reached the conclusion of its rigorous proofreading task on an item.

Voice-Over Production

Using the right software, many videos allow for the removal of the main vocal, while leaving background music and ambient noises still intact. Using the right additional software, each language team can then create a project where someone from that team records the translation using their own voice in order to replace the original.

The easiest way to accomplish this may be to have the subtitle included in the 'voiceless' version of the video. The new 'speaker' can then simply read the subtitles while recording themselves. Afterward, the two files can then be merged and the subtitle suppressed (made to not show by default). The result is a video where the main vocal is presented in that language, negating the need for subtitle use. Naturally, a clear sounding, well-spoken, articulate person should be chosen to handle the all-important voice recording part of this project.

Conversion of videos to Audio-Only

For those who enjoy listening to the audio of our videos while jogging, walking a pet, working around the house, etc., the audio portion of our videos can be extracted and used to create files that can be uploaded and played on most personal MP3-type players.

Resource Testing

Discovery and testing of various open-source solutions that could become part of our arsenal towards improved Linguistic Team results

Audio Handling

These will be filled in once we are able to install MSchlager's wonderful [Transcription_Team/Radio_Address/ZMTranscribe_Method ZMTranscribe] application in-house.

Peter Joseph's Radio Address Broadcasts

Other Audio-Only media

Ongoing TechTeam Projects

The following tasks can be fulfilled by anyone with the time and technical know-how to do them, but please understand that they are needed for very specific transcription & translation purposes. Please contact Gman first to learn any details that need to be observed towards that.

Video Conversions

  • Doug Mallette's Awakening - Important - completed Yes
    • We need the full version torrent DVD below converted to an AVI that is under a max of 500MB. This is for uploading into the Dashboard for translation, so the final quality does matter

Video Splicing

  • Intro to The Venus Project (01:52)
    • Bad copy - replacement is in the pipeline
  • Zeitgeist Day 2009 in London, March 15th, 2009 (33:57) - Access Denied! Need to locate Original
  • Jacque Fresco, Roxanne Meadows & Peter Joseph on Good Vibrations Radio (1:21:38) - Redo as audio only
  • Outside the Box #93 - Alex Ansary interviews Jacque Fresco - Mar 17, 2007 (59:51) - Redo as audio only
  • Jacque's Larry King Interview 1974 - completed Yes
    • DVD quality original to be provided by reciprocal agreement with William Gazecki

Ongoing Development Projects

Short Description Team's Primary Discussion location Team's Primary Work location (if applicable) Team Wiki Description Output Location
All multimedia conversions, Packaging & Distribution Likely on their own computers this Wiki Page Downloads section above
Linguistic Team Portal/website Teamspeak - Linguistic Team Portal (Sundays @ 22:00 GMT) PiratePad, Cacoo Dev Team PMS Wiki page Launchpad Code Repository


As new items become available, you will find links to them below. We're not there yet.  :D

Available Torrents

Other Downloadable items

Special Requests

Please add any format requests that you would like made available of any already completed items.

  • As an example, "PDF of the English transcription for the 'Who Is Peter Joseph?' video".

Active Linguistic Technical Team Members

Member Username Member of (Team) Preferred working area Current project Availability Contact Info
Gman Team Developer/Support Pootle admin, dotSUB TZMOfficial account admin, ZMTranscribe admin, Wiki admin N/A Varies Email Gman
Txetxo Team Support Pootle, dotSUB, Wiki, ZMTranscribe, Google docs, Varies Email Txetxo
Kiira Team Support dotSUB, Pootle, Wiki, My own computer, wherever is needed, etc Varies (But at least 2 hs a day) PM, GTalk, MSN Messenger

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