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A designated Language Coordinator is the official point person for all translation and proofreading efforts within a given language. In addition to having the most up to date information on all translation tasks, they will help you get set up within any of the tasks and working locations that interest you.

Officially Supported Languages

Listed according to language name by default. Click on the Sort none.gif symbols to reorder the list.

Language or resource
(Link to the corresponding
language team forum)
Direct Team contact
Translation Glossary
Team Progress Report
Team YouTube channel
Global LTI Global Ray (Skype: gmanzm)
LTI Admin Group email
Linguistic Team International Forums Global Glossary Pootle
LTI Global YouTube channel
The Venus Project YouTube
The Zeitgeist Movement YouTube
Linguistic Tech Team (Multimedia Masters) Global Txetxo Linguistic Team International Forums
LTT Facebook Group
N/A Global LingTeam Meetings
English Department en Mr_Z
English Team Forum Section Global Glossary English Progress Report
Afrikaans af Afrikaans Team forum Afrikaans Progress Report
Amharic am Amharic Team forum
Arabic ar Facebook Group Arabic Progress Report
Armenian hy Armenian Team forum
Bengali bn Bengali Team forum Bengali Progress Report
Bosnian bs Bosnian Team forum Bosnian Progress Report
Bulgarian bg Bulgarian Team forum Bulgarian Progress Report Bulgarian YouTube
Catalan; Valencian ca Catalan Team forum Catalan - Valencian Progress Report
Chinese zh_TW 林昱廷 Albert Facebook group
Other Website
Chinese (Taiwan) Progress Report
Croatian hr Croatian Team forum
Croatian ling team FB group
Croatian Progress Report
Czech cs Czech Team forum Czech Progress Report
Danish da Danish Team forum
TZM Denmark
Danish Progress Report
Dutch/Flemish nl Dutch Team forum Dutch Progress Report Dutch YouTube
Estonian et Estonian Team forum Estonian Progress Report
Finnish fi Pirjo Finnish Team forum
Finnish Progress Report Finnish YouTube
French fr French Team forum

French Facebook group

French Glossary French Progress Report French YouTube
German de Team email
German Team forum
German LTI Facebook group
Chapter Website
German Glossary German YouTube
Greek el Greek LTI Team Contact Greek Team Glossary Greek Team Progress Report Greek Team YouTube Channel
Gujarati gu Gujarati Team forum
Hebrew he Hebrew Team forum Hebrew Progress Report
Hindi hi Hindi Team forum Hindi Progress Report
Hungarian hu Eniko Hungarian Team forum Hungarian Progress Report Hungarian YouTube
Icelandic is Icelandic Team forum Icelandic Progress Report
Indonesian id Indonesian Team forum
Italian it Italian Team Forum Italian Progress Report Italian YouTube
Japanese ja Japanese Team forum Japanese Progress Report
Kannada kn Kannada Team forum
Korean ko Korean LingTeam Team forum Korean Progress Report
Latvian lv Latvian Team forum Latvian Progress Report Latvian YouTube
Lithuanian lt Lithuanian Team forum Lithuanian Progress Report Lithuanian YouTube (not LTI)
Macedonian mk Macedonian Team forum Macedonian Progress Report
Malay ms Malay Team forum
Malayalam ml Malayalam Team forum
Marathi mr Marathi Team forum
Mongolian mn Mongolian Team forum Mongolian Progress Report
Montenegrin (Slavic) sla
Norwegian no Norwegian email group
TZM Norway
Norwegian Progress Report
Panjabi; Punjabi pa Punjabi Team forum Punjabi Progress Report
Persian fa Persian Team forum
Polish pl Polish Team forum Polish Progress Report Polish YouTube (unsure)
Portuguese pt TZM Portugal Portuguese Report
Pad Report
Portuguese YouTube
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_BR Google Group
TZM Chapter site
Brazilian Glossary Brazilian YouTube
Romanian ro Romanian email group Romanian Report
Russian ru TZM: TBA

TVP: Подробнее о команде...

TZM: TZM Projects Progress

TVP: TVP Projects Board

Serbian sr Ana, Slobodan - TVP Serbia

Milana - TZM Serbia

Serbian Team forum

TZM Chapter
YT Channel
FB group

Serbian Glossary Serbian Report
Serbian YouTube
Slovak sk Slovakian Team forum Slovak Report
Slovenian sl Slovene Team forum Slovenian Report
Spanish; Castilian (International) es Vixi/Sue Facebook group Spanish Report Spanish YouTube
Spanish; Castilian (Latino America) es Vixi/Sue Facebook group Spanish Glossary Spanish Report Spanish YouTube
Swedish sv Swedish Team forum Swedish Report Swedish YouTube
Tagalog-Filipino tl Tagalog Team forum Tatalog-Filipino Progress Report
Tamil ta Tamil Team forum-TBA
TZM India
Tamil Progress Report
Telugu te Telugu Team forum
Thai th Thai Team forum
Turkish tr Turkish Team forum Facebook Group Youtube Channel Turkish Report Turkish YouTube
Ukranian uk Ukranian Team forum Ukranian Progress Report
Urdu ur Urdu Team forum Urdu Progress Report
Zulu zu Zulu Team forum

Official Linguistic Team Language Coordination Resource Center

Note: Some of the following items are not yet fully developed. Additional pages and content will continually be added, so check back regularly.

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