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This page will help you to construct a PDF from your translations of the Activist Orientation Guide (2009 version) project in Pootle.

First of all, you need to get in touch with one of the Pootle admins in order to get the translations out of Pootle. You will receive them in .html format together will all the images that are found in the English PDF. You'll also get a template document where to put your translations in.

We will explain the PDF construction process using the Open Office text processor. Open Office is free and can be downloaded here. We'll also use the Firefox browser since that is the browser with which all of this has been tested and proven to work. You can get Firefox here.

At this point we assume that you have 1) Open Office, 2) Firefox, and 3) a folder with ten .html files, twelve images and a template Open Office text document.

Firstly, you can open the template Open Office document and translate the text of the three headlines on the fist page. There is also a table (with invisible borders) on the second page, for the Contents, so you can also replace the English headlines there with a translation. Leave the page numbers (first column) for later.

After that, open the preface.html file with your internet browser (Firefox). You'll see all the text in there. Now press Ctrl+A (Select all) and then Ctrl+C (Copy). Then, in Open Office, simply press Ctrl+V (Paste). The entire text will be pasted, preserving the layout (italics, bold, paragraphs, etc.).

  • Important: your browser has to be set to display the page in UTF-8 encoding, otherwise some of your language's special characters may appear incorrectly. If you're using Firefox, you can set UTF-8 to be the default encoding: go to Tools=>Options=>Content tab. Then click the Advanced button next to the Default font. In the bottom of the window that opens, select UTF-8.

Now continue the same way with the other chapters. Open the .html file in the browser, copy the content, paste in Open Office.

How to deal with images

Images are found in chapters two and six. Right click on the image when it is pasted inside Open Office and select Anchor=>To Paragraph. This will allow you to move the picture and position it as you see fit. To resize the image, right click on it and go to Picture..., then on the Type tab, click on Keep ratio and enter the desired number for width or height.

How to make footnotes

In Open Office, go to the Insert menu, click on Footnote, then OK. Then you have to copy the actual content of the footnote and paste it under the line. For this to be clean, you can make the text to "forget" its size by pasting it for example in your browser's Search bar and then copying it from there. Then you can paste it below the line and it will look as a nice footnote. :) Additionally, hit Enter to make any links active, and delete the new line with backspace.


After you're done with the whole document, go to the table of contents on page two and insert the page numbers for every chapter. You can also make the chapter names clickable, so that they will bring the reader to the proper page when they're clicked. Just highlight the chapter's name (e.g. "Preface") inside the table of contents, then go to Insert=>Cross-reference. It should take you to the Cross-references tab. In there, from the Type window, select Headings; from the Selection window, select the chapter that you want to point to; and from the Insert page reference to window, select Reference. Then click the Insert button below and it will create the reference.

After you're done with everything, all that is left is to create the PDF through File=>Export as PDF. Please share the finished "product" with us. :)

If you've got any questions or difficulties, contact lizardman on the forum.