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      • Chat begins 5/22/2011 4:25:55 PM

<16:27:12> dardevelin: tom

<16:27:20> dardevelin: make the honers recording

<16:28:33> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): I am searching my emails now for the contact on hosting.

<16:28:38> satrionics: thanks

<16:32:32> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): [][/URL]

<16:32:46> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): [][/URL]

<16:33:04> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): Send the request to all 3 emails. He will respond to you.

<16:33:25> satrionics: thanks robert, much appreciated

<16:33:25> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): His email to me writes :"The server has unlimited capacity and bandwidth available, so go nuts!"

<16:34:04> Gman (Ray): Redmine

<16:34:30> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): My complete pleasure Satrionics :)

<16:34:59> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): Might want to tell him that I referred you to him.

<16:35:06> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL):

<16:36:31> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): [URL][/URL] ------> projects link.

<16:38:46> dardevelin: [URL][/URL]

<16:39:06> satrionics: lmao

<16:39:31> satrionics: i just want something that works

<16:40:03> satrionics: the organization of the projects dependso n the power of the software

<16:40:11> satrionics: depends on*

<16:40:27> 'Tom (UK, North Devon): *opens arms* Cmon, group hug!

<16:40:41> dardevelin: [URL][/URL]

<16:41:41> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): I tested teamlabs

<16:43:19> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): why dont you say the results of your tests?

<16:45:17> dardevelin: [URL][/URL]

<16:45:46> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): [URL][/URL] gets my vote

<16:46:06> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): it suits our needs

<16:48:20> satrionics: : [][/URL]

<16:48:27> dardevelin: please everyone that agrees with openatrium as choice says +1

<16:48:36> satrionics: +1

<16:48:39> dardevelin: +1

<16:48:42> Ray (Gman): +

<16:48:42> The Fury Within: +1

<16:49:03> satrionics: is that a +1 gman?

<16:49:45> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): +1

<16:49:46> IntuitiveLeap(Eric): +1

<16:49:58> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): cc [][/URL] please

<16:50:19> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): +1

<16:50:27> 'Tom (UK, North Devon): +1

<16:52:05> The Fury Within: [URL][/URL]

<16:52:05> dardevelin: [URL][/URL]

<16:52:45> dardevelin: [URL][/URL] check this page

<16:53:31> dardevelin: checking if i missed anyone

Robert_Gelinas - openatrium dardevelin - openatrium satrionics - opneatrium TheFuryWithin - openatrium Tom(UK, North) - openatrium Ray(Gman) - openatrium

<16:54:12> dardevelin: [URL][/URL]

<16:55:48> satrionics: unlike plone lol

<16:55:51> menkin: they are like projects ?

<16:55:54> satrionics: that was a mess for adding modules

<16:56:07> DrSKooT: yo

<16:56:22> satrionics: yo

<16:56:28> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): yo

<16:56:29> DrSKooT: =)

<16:57:06> dardevelin: [URL][/URL]

<16:57:12> dardevelin: [URL][/URL]

<16:57:34> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): very nice

<16:57:37> gabssnake: Customization Examples: [URL][/URL]

<16:57:45> satrionics: i have emailed rasmus about hosting

<16:57:50> satrionics: hi rasmus. i have been told that you offer hosting for tzm related stuff. we currently need someone to host a pms for our dev projects (open-atrium), a mumble server, and a code repository. are you able to do this? please let me know with details. thanks - satrionics (dev team)

<16:57:51> Ray (Gman): [URL][/URL]

<16:58:00> IntuitiveLeap(Eric): [URL][/URL]

<16:58:11> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): Rasmus should have no problems however.

<16:58:12> 'Tom (UK, North Devon): Geeze, grammar Sat :P

<16:58:33> satrionics: i will await his reply and forward the email to the dev google groups

<16:58:47> satrionics: i know, grammar doesnt exist when i do emails haha

<16:58:52> satrionics: unless im applying for a job

<16:59:03> satrionics: and that doesnt work either haah

<16:59:24> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): you might want to refer to me and if he asks you who you are... you might want to ask where the server is located as well.

<16:59:31> satrionics: ahahahaha

<16:59:59> satrionics: should be called jacque fresco

<17:00:04> satrionics: then it might work

<17:00:07> satrionics: lolz

<17:00:41> woah where is that software"??

<17:00:48> is that available for download?

<17:00:52> menkin: i want a copy too :)

<17:00:53> the recording and posting software

<17:01:15> menkin: yed

<17:01:22> menkin: yes ..

<17:01:35> satrionics: source code too hehe

<17:01:47> 'Tom (UK, North Devon): Skype: iTomath

<17:01:49> skype is drskoot

<17:01:50> gabssnake: skype: "gabssnake"

<17:02:06> dardevelin: darcy_develin

<17:02:25> satrionics: lol i wouldnt waste my time

<17:02:25> zkype

<17:02:33> satrionics: microsoft has it now

<17:03:03> gabssnake: skype + microsoft =

<17:03:11> satrionics: lol

<17:03:14> satrionics: skynet

<17:03:18> Blaz: hello everyone

<17:03:22> satrionics: yo blaz

<17:04:10> Ray (Gman): Skype: GmanZM

<17:04:26> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): [URL][/URL]

<17:05:15> gabssnake: crowd sourcing is nice, democracy sucks

<17:05:18> dardevelin: Ray : whats the name of the txt file again sorry ?

<17:05:26> The Fury Within: democracy

<17:05:52> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): [URL][/URL]

<17:05:53> satrionics: brb

<17:08:33> Axiom Emissary: [URL][/URL]

<17:09:06> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): We have decided to use openatrium

<17:09:13> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): like that site uses...

<17:09:54> Ray (Gman): [URL][/URL]

<17:11:05> satrionics: bk

<17:11:24> satrionics: yeh i think its better to keep them separate

<17:11:36> satrionics: 1 for general website and the other for the dev side

<17:12:23> Axiom Emissary: [URL][/URL]

<17:13:28> Jettatore - NJ - US: oh wow

<17:13:34> Jettatore - NJ - US: that's awesome Axiom

<17:13:42> Jettatore - NJ - US: [URL][/URL]

<17:14:31> Jettatore - NJ - US: well done

<17:14:51> Jettatore - NJ - US: I had seen the site before but not the sub-groups

<17:15:49> lol

<17:17:12> dardevelin: there you go one of the API.txt files - [URL][/URL]

<17:23:53> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): lol

<17:23:56> I knwo right.. I was promised zombies

<17:24:20> you can keep zombies as slaves right?

<17:25:20> Ray (Gman): No Skoot. They would need to be fed and never feel full.

<17:26:06> satrionics: are we still in a meeting?

<17:26:19> Robert_Gelinas(Coord_MTL): not sure

<17:26:35> dardevelin: [URL][/URL]

<17:33:05> they die if you don't feed them?

<17:33:17> hmmm....

<17:36:27> gabssnake: I would like one Gman

<17:37:05> a zombie?

<17:37:05> gabssnake: [][/URL]

<17:37:12> a copy of software?

<17:37:18> gabssnake: latter

<17:39:06> <--- it's in the dev team file cabinet

<17:39:14> gabssnake: there you go Gman

<17:42:05> The Fury Within: soooo

<17:42:15> The Fury Within: who is setting up Atrium?

<17:44:50> Homlez-lab: hi

<17:45:16> Ray (Gman): Hi

<17:46:56> The Fury Within: I'm looking into Atrium now

<17:47:40> dardevelin: satrionics

<17:47:49> fas: cool

<17:47:54> dardevelin: you there?

<17:47:54> fas: s what's going on here guys?

<17:48:01> satrionics: yo

<17:48:05> dardevelin: check pm

<17:48:05> satrionics: that guy hasnt replied yet

<17:48:35> fas: o checking out differnt web software

<17:50:16> yo

<17:50:23> yup

<17:50:33> [URL][/URL]

<17:51:00> no idea really

<17:51:58> dardevelin: GUYs i made my decision. I'm not gonna wast my time AGAIN. Good Luck. When people get decided to work, for real give me a heads up

<17:52:15> satrionics: ok dar, cya later man

<17:52:22> dardevelin: I'll just be around until end of meeting so i can give you the recording

<17:52:28> fas: hey I was thinking we should contact a group called RBOSE to help in the project.

<17:52:30> dardevelin: and thats it for me

<17:52:43> fas: RBSOE stands for resource based open source enviroment

<17:53:10> satrionics: lol resource based open source?

<17:53:11> fas: from what i hear they were old TZm developers thatd ecided to branch off into open source

<17:53:28> satrionics: oh

<17:53:29> fas: resource based open source enviroment* :D

<17:53:34> satrionics: yeh lol

<17:53:38> fas: [URL][/URL] maybe we can get them to help

<17:53:55> fas: seems like they are worknig on a lot of itneresting projects

<17:53:56> satrionics: well i dont know what im doing at this stage, im just gna wait for the email

<17:54:04> fas: ok

<17:54:10> satrionics: see if we can get hosting

<17:54:19> fas: ah ok nice

<17:54:30> fas: rbose seems to have a worknig raprep

<17:54:46> fas: and desinging a nice gui for reprap with active support team to it

<17:54:56> satrionics: kool

<17:55:16> wow

<17:55:41> fas: yeah, and their old TZM dev team before they left and rbanched out we should try and get them back into tzm

<17:55:47> fas: or maybe help them?

<17:56:15> satrionics: i think its us that needs the help man lol

<17:56:38> fas: well they seem to have a structure maybe we can ask rbsoe to help tzm devs?

<17:56:40> fas: >_>

<17:56:46> fas: that souns odd but yeah

<17:57:08> fas: I need to help myself to some pizza

<17:57:28> [URL][/URL]

<17:57:55> satrionics: thats kool skoot

<17:58:34> fas: TS3 can cut out silent stuff

<17:58:41> fas: ok

<17:58:50> fas: good question lol

<17:58:56> we're sitting here lackign leadership obviously

<17:58:56> fas: I guess chatting

<17:59:05> I can host

<17:59:17> fas: drskoot looks interesting

<17:59:33> fas: I thnk I saw rbose pms system somewhere

<17:59:34> I have no idea how mumble works

<17:59:44> I can give you guys an ftp folder

<17:59:56> fas: [URL][/URL]

<17:59:59> fas: here it is

<18:00:00> just be respectful

<18:00:28> fas: yup murmur is server side mumble is client side

<18:01:20> <- PMS

<18:02:00> fas: [URL][/URL]

<18:03:45> fas: [URL][/URL]

<18:04:07> working on an ftp dir

<18:04:33> fas: kk

<18:06:59> on done.. PM me for ftp login info

<18:07:55> if you want server space for atrium of mumble of whatever

<18:09:05> Siteground

<18:09:33> Operating Systemlinux Kernel Version2.6.28.5-grsec-sg2

<18:10:07> dardevelin: no mate

<18:10:12> dardevelin: its VPS or dedicated

<18:10:21> dardevelin: shared can't host mumble

<18:10:25> dardevelin: many reasons

<18:10:34> dardevelin: 1 don't have terminal access to configure

<18:10:49> dardevelin: 2 its shared, cpu, ram and stuff not availible

<18:11:19> I barely understand what you're saying.. but you're telling me it won't work?

<18:11:24> dardevelin: 3 not enough security or adding modules to server side

<18:11:34> how do I fix that?

<18:11:59> def not dedicated

<18:12:49> ConceptDestiny: herro

<18:12:57> satrionics: yo

<18:14:15> dardevelin: [URL][/URL]

<18:19:09> fas: [URL][/URL] <-- who can make me aaccount for this site?

<18:22:57> The Fury Within: we are moving to openAtrium...don't worry abotu it

<18:22:59> The Fury Within: about it*

<18:23:28> dardevelin: [URL][/URL]

<18:27:31> fas: hey concept destiny

<18:27:56> fas: concept destiny are you from the group called destini that talks about equal money?

<18:37:12> I can fas

<18:55:50> The Fury Within: keep me updated on our hosting capabilities

<19:01:37> yo